Partnerschip Agreement 12.05.1975

The Borough of Warrington and the Town of Hilden


On the 22nd day of May 1968 the then Mayor (Bürgermeister) of Hilden, Robert Gies, an Officer of the Most Noble Order of the British Empire, and the then Mayor of the County Borough of Warrington, Arthur Boyle, on behalf of the citizens of the towns of Hilden and Warrington signed an Agreement establishing a partnership between the two towns in accordance with resolutions of their respective Councils.

This action was taken as the result of the friendly relationship which had arisen when the Lancashire Regiment was stationed in Hilden 1961 and had since continued to develop between the two towns following visits of representatives of the Councils of the two towns and the exchange visits of youth and other organisations.

Since its inception, the partnership has flourished and has been extended into many aspects of the official and private life of the people of the two towns. It has made a substantial contribution towards real understanding amongst the nations.

On the 1st April 1974 as a result of the reorganization of local government in England, the County Borough of Warrington with the Urban District of Lymm, the Rural District of Warrington, and parts of the Urban District of Golborne and of the Rural District of Runcorn were amalgamated and, by Royal Charter, assumed the title of “Warrington Borough Council”. The Warrington Borough Council, at a very early stage, expressed its desire to continue the very happy and successful partnership previously existing and by a resolution of the Council on the 6th January 1975 gave formal approval of the signing of a new Agreement.

With effect from the 1st Jan. 1975 the municipal structure of administration in Germany has undergone a change in that areas have been joined together to make enlarged districts. Districts in the north of the town have become joined with Düsseldorf and Erkrath and the town has extended its boundaries eastwards by the addition of the “Schönholz” development. On the 27th March 1974 the Council of the town of Hilden resolved, along with the wish of the Warrington Borough Council, to continue the Partnership Agreement with the new Council of Warrington, and in accordance with this desire the Town Council gave official ratification to the new Partnership Agreement with effect from the 12th February 1975.

Therefore we, Kathleen Elizabeth Walker Richardson, Justice of the Peace, the Mayor of Warrington, Dr. Ellen Wiederhold, Director, Doctor of Law, Mayor of Hilden, William Harley Lawton, Chief executive of Warrington, Dr. Karl-Detlev Göbel, Chief Executive of Hilden, Arthur Boyle, Chairman of the Warrington Partnership Committee and Robert Gies, Officer of the Order of the British Empire, holder of the Meritorius Medal 1st Class of the Federal Republic of Germany, Chairman of the Hilden Partnership Committee, acting on behalf of our citizens, do this day, by our signatures, bear witness to the resolutions of our Councils referred to and agree that te partnership arrangement existing between the towns of Warrington and Hilden shall be maintained and that the good relations existing between the two towns shall continue to flourish and expand, so as to bring about even greater understanding between our respective peoples.

 Executed this 12th day of February 1975.

Mayor                                  Chief Executive                                               Chairman of Relationship Committee

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