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Children's passport

Information on the children's passport

Due to a legal change, the previous children's passport will no longer be issued from January 1, 2024.

In addition to the susceptibility of children's passports to forgery, another reason for this legal change is that children's passports, especially those with extended validity, are no longer accepted as identification documents by all countries (in some cases EU countries). The legislator has reacted accordingly, so that from the beginning of 2024, regular passports or ID cards with a validity of six years will be issued for children - regardless of age.

  • Validity period for passports and identity cards

    Since 01.01.2024, a passport and / or an identity card can be applied for instead of the children's passport, which is valid for one year. Both documents are issued until the age of 24 and are valid for six years.

    In the event of serious visual changes to the child, it may be necessary to apply for a new document before the expiry date.

  • Application

    Passports and ID cards can be applied for at the Citizens' Office by prior appointment. If only one parent comes along to apply, a declaration of consent is required. You will receive the declaration of consent form by e-mail when you book an appointment.

  • Appointment booking

    Appointments can be booked for up to 8 weeks in the future or on a daily basis when the Citizens' Office opens.

  • Exhibition

    Passports and identity cards are not issued directly at the Citizens' Office, but are produced by the Federal Printing Office in Berlin and then sent to the Hilden Citizens' Office.

    It takes up to four weeks for identity cards and up to six weeks for passports.

  • Fees

    For people up to the age of 24, a passport costs 37.50 euros and an ID card 22.80 euros nationwide.

  • Children's passports that are still valid

    If a valid child passport is available, it can continue to be used unchanged until it expires.

  • Further questions

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Citizens' Office team

    Citizen's Office

    +49 2103 72-1777

    At the town hall 1

    40721 Hilden