Drawing family incl. grandparents

Signal box

The signal box of the city of Hilden is located in the Bürgerhaus, Mittelstraße 40.

We want to send out signals in the right places and set the course for families, young people, children, senior citizens and immigrants.

Due to the multi-professional composition of the team and the cross-thematic orientation, the core mission of Stellwerk is to offer counseling to all residents of the city of Hilden. The employees act as a contact point with the goal of advising and/or accompanying people.

  • Family counseling / General counseling

    Information - Advice - Help

    Are you looking for information on state social benefits?
    Do you need help with applications?
    Do you have problems dealing with authorities and offices?
    Are you looking for information on special facilities or specialist services?

    We advise you

    • regardless of age, nationality, marital status or denomination
    • One-time or longer-term depending on requirements
    • confidential
    • free
  • Interlocking projects

    Welcome to the projects at Stellwerk: Our vision for a vibrant future!
    The projects are an exciting undertaking to set the course for the future of our city. Our goal is to strengthen our community and our coexistence and to find innovative solutions to the challenges of the future.

    Our focus:

    Education and Innovation: Education is the key to progress. Projects support educational initiatives to empower our citizens and foster innovative ideas.

    Cultural diversity:
    our city thrives on its cultural diversity. The projects support cultural events and initiatives that strengthen cohesion in our community.

    Economic growth: We support people with refugee experience and promote their professional development. Creating a holistic approach to integrating migrant people into the labor market.

    We cordially invite you to participate in these projects. Your ideas, suggestions and support are crucial to our success. Together, we are shaping the future of our city.

    Don't miss the chance to get involved so that together we can successfully implement the projects at Stellwerk.

    Shaping the future together - with projects at Stellwerk!

  • Consulting education and participation

    The education package - making participation possible

    All children should be able to participate right from the start, whether at daycare, school or in their free time. That's why the education and participation package, or "Bildungspaket" for short, is now available. It gives children from low-income families a fair chance to participate in social and cultural life.

  • "Lending grandparents" - actively working for families

    A joint project between Stellwerk - City of Hilden - and Arbeiterwohlfahrt OV Hilden.
    Many young families lack contact with the grandparent generation in everyday life because their own grandparents live far away, are still working themselves or have already passed away. At the same time, seniors would like to have an exchange with young families and children.
    The "Lending Grandparents" offer brings families and seniors together. It offers both sides the opportunity to exchange ideas, spend time together and learn from each other.
    "Surrogate grandparents" visit the children, read to them, play with them, tell them about their own childhood and pass on experiences. They are volunteers and divide their time freely. They are not a substitute for childcare or household help.

    If you can imagine accompanying a family as a "surrogate grandma/grandpa" or you are looking for someone to take over these tasks in your family, just call and arrange a personal interview.

  • Education Fund

    As part of the Hilden Education Network, the Office for Youth, Social Services and Integration has set up a fund that can provide children, young people and families with targeted support in the area of education. A maximum of 250 euros can be granted per application. Funding is possible in the following areas:

    • School learning
    • Informal learning
    • Sports, Health
  • Senior Citizen Counseling

    You can obtain a wide range of information and support at the municipal senior citizens' office:

    • Advice on issues related to aging
    • Pointing out offers of help
    • Promoting volunteerism and active aging
    • Pointing out possibilities of activities (leisure and travel)
    • Care advice
    • Dementia counseling
    • Advice on housing adaptation (structural and financial)
    • Information about meeting places and other facilities for seniors

    Home visits and on-site appointments can be arranged if required.
    If you have any questions, please contact seniorenbuero@hilden.de.

    Office hours:
    Tuesday 09:00 - 12:00
    Thursday 15:00 - 18:00

  • KIM - Municipal Integration Management

    The Kommunale Integrationsmanagement (KIM) is funded by the Ministry for Children, Youth, Family, Equality, Flight and Integration and is located at the Kreisintegrationszentrum. The goal is to promote inter- and intra-communal cooperation in the field of integration and thus to avoid breaks in the integration chain between the relevant institutions and services. A seamless transition for new immigrants is particularly important in the phases of the change of legal status.

  • JuMa - Young Moms Meeting

    The Young Moms Meeting is for exchanging information and getting to know other moms and dads with children from 0 to 18 months.
    Chatting, exchanging ideas, drinking coffee, getting information, asking questions, making contacts - everything to do with babies: learning to understand babies, playing.
    We offer all of this in a nice atmosphere on a regular basis and free of charge.

    Stellwerk Hilden - Bürgerhaus - 1st floor, Mittelstraße 40, 40721Hilden.

  • Baby greeting

    The baby welcome package is a campaign of the Office for Youth, Social Services and Integration for all Hilden parents with newborns as well as for new citizens with children under one year of age.
    Employees of Stellwerk Hilden visit all new parents by appointment to congratulate you on behalf of the city of Hilden and to present you with a baby welcome package. In addition to brochures and a gift for your baby, this also contains the parents' guidebook.

    For questions, contact babybesuch@hilden.de.