Trees in forest

Trees in the city area

We encounter them in parks, along roadsides, in cemeteries and at numerous other locations outside the city forest: Approximately 11,000 trees that considerably beautify Hilden's cityscape.
You can find out everything about tree care in the Green Spaces and Forestry Department (of the Civil Engineering and Green Spaces Office).

Of particular importance is also the tree protection statute, which has been in force since 2010 and which, in brief, contains the following regulation: trees with a trunk circumference of at least 90 cm (measured at a height of 100 cm above the ground) may not be felled, but must be preserved, maintained and protected from danger. This applies to all trees, with a few exceptions.

  • Exemptions for construction projects

    In return for replacement planting or a replacement fee, an exemption can also be granted if a building project cannot be carried out or can only be carried out with severe restrictions if the tree is preserved. Such an exemption will only be granted if a building permit has already been issued for the building project.
    Permits for exceptions to the regulations of the tree protection statutes can be applied for at the civil engineering and green space office or at the building administration and construction supervision office.

  • Tree protection for other reasons

    A tree can be protected not only on the basis of the tree protection statutes but also on the basis of development plans (B-plans for short) and the felling of this tree can therefore be inadmissible. You can find out whether a tree is protected by a B-plan either from the Geoportal or from the Building Administration and Supervision Office.

    Exception permits are to be applied for at the Building Administration and Supervision Office in the case of tree protection justified by a B-Plan.