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Parks & Urban Forest

Parks, urban forest and recreation

In Hilden there are many green spaces that invite you to relax and take a deep breath: the city forest, the city park, the Holterhöfchen and some more. You will also find various fun pools that invite you to spend your free time.

Discover our picturesque parks, the perfect places for restful walks and relaxing moments surrounded by nature. Immerse yourself in the beauty of our urban forest, which offers countless opportunities for outdoor activities and nature experiences.

Whether recreation or leisure fun, here you will find a variety of offers for young and old.

  • Urban forest, nature and landscape reserves

    The Hilden municipal forest covers an area of approx. 430 hectares and is a classic mixed forest. It consists of two thirds deciduous trees and one third conifers.

    The tasks associated with the municipal forest are nature conservation and forestry in the narrower sense, i.e. sustainable timber production. In addition, the forest primarily serves the recreation of the citizens of Hilden. For this purpose, it offers all visitors and nature lovers about 100 benches, three forest playgrounds, a trim trail, three running trails of different lengths, a dog run, an observation tower on the Jaberg, 12 km of bridle paths and 30 km of hiking trails for walking, walking dogs, cycling or jogging.

    About 20 percent of Hilden's municipal forest consists of nature reserves; the entire other forest area is designated as a landscape conservation area. These are in particular the dry heath on the Sandberg and the heather moor in the Schönholz area. These areas still contain many very rare plant species, such as the carnivorous sundew, gale, bog lily and royal fern, as well as rare animal species (including some insect species and lizards). Many of these plants and animals are on the "Red List of Threatened Species". The preservation and protection of these areas is therefore of particular importance.

  • City Park

    The city park is certainly worth mentioning in this context: A small duck pond, a miniature golf course with an ice cream parlor, a boules court and a playground make the park particularly attractive and inviting. A visit is especially worthwhile when the weather is nice!

  • Holterhöfchen

    The Holterhöfchen also represents a remarkable green and park area, combining leisure and education in a special way: The grounds are home to the municipal school center as well as recreational facilities such as the Hildorado, a small playing field, a skating facility, the triple sports facility and an archaeological site: the Ringwallanlage, an early medieval protective and fortification complex.

  • Hildorado

    Conveniently located in the center of the city of Hilden, the Hildorado offers all families and water enthusiasts ideal opportunities to get active or simply relax. Thus, in addition to the sports and leisure area, a sauna area also awaits you in the Hildorado.

  • Forest bath

    Situated on the edge of the Hilden municipal forest, the Waldbad offers ideal opportunities for recreation. A 50 m sports pool, a 50 m non-swimmer pool and a diving pool with a diving platform (1 m, 3 m, 5 m, 7.5 m and 10 m) are available to sports enthusiasts and all other water rats. Additional fun is provided by the beach volleyball court, the table tennis tables and the foosball table.

  • Jaberg in the city forest

    The 106 meter high Jaberg is located in the Hilden Heath. In 1931, the construction company Franz Staat built an observation tower on the plateau, the Jaberg Tower. Since 2018, everyone has the opportunity to borrow the key free of charge at the Office of Building Management in the town hall, room 355, Am Rathaus 1, 40721 Hilden, during general opening hours. Inquiries and reservations can also be made by e-mail to and by phone at 02103 72-1495 and -1496.