Photovoltaic system at the 3M plant

Urban drainage

The city of Hilden drains the urban area predominantly in the separation system. In this system, the wastewater is collected and discharged separately from the rainwater. The wastewater is treated in the wastewater treatment plants on Düsseldorfer Straße and in Solingen Ohligs. In total, almost 99.8% of Hilden's inhabitants are connected to the public wastewater network. The wastewater treatment plants are operated by the Bergisch-Rheinischer Wasserverband.

  • Rainwater

    The rainwater is discharged directly into surface waters or groundwater, if necessary after pretreatment. It is therefore important that no substances that have a harmful effect in rivers or groundwater reach the storm drain in particular.

  • The pipeline network

    In both the stormwater and wastewater networks, the pipes that collect the water on the property, i.e. the sewer connection pipes, are not part of the public sewer system, but belong to the private property drainage system and are the property of the property owners.

    This applies to all pipes on the private property, as well as to the property connection pipes (section from the main sewer to the property boundary). The property owners are responsible for new construction, renovation, operation and maintenance.