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Waste signposts & sorting aids

Waste signposts & sorting aids

You can find various sorting instructions for the types of waste in Hilden under Documents.

The sorting posters and sorting stickers for waste garbage cans are available free of charge from the municipal waste advisory service at the central building yard in Hilden. Waste advice at the central building yard of the city of Hilden.

You can also find fairly detailed sorting instructions on the back of your current waste calendar.

You can also download our sorting instructions here in the following languages

  • Our waste ABC

    A repair is not worth it? Giving it away is also out of the question? The only remaining option is disposal. So the question arises: Where to put it?
    Find the right way to dispose of it at www.wohindamit-ENTSORGEN.

  • Giveaway exchanges

    The time has come - you finally have a space-saving monitor on your desk. But what happens now with the old monitor. Still works perfectly - selling is not worth it?
    Use one of the many give-away and swap exchanges on the Internet. The best known is certainly the eBay classifieds portal, which has the widest online reach in Germany.

  • Charitable and non-profit institutions in Hilden and the surrounding area

    You would like to provide well-preserved furniture, household appliances or commodities free of charge? Then please contact the following organizations and arrange an appointment.

    RUND UM - Secondhand - in Alt-Erkrath
    Hildener Straße 28, 40699 Erkrath
    Tel.: 0211 / 950 725-10
    Mon. - Fri.: 8:30 - 17:00

    Further addresses and contact persons can be found in our info sheet
    "Gemeinnützige Second-Hand-Einrichtungen" im Kreis Mettmann.