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Arbitration Office

Do you need help with a dispute?

The Arbitration Act of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia makes it possible for arbitrators to offer you their help in settling civil-law disputes. The work of the arbitrator is carried out on an honorary basis.

If you get into a dispute, the arbitration of which is one of the tasks of the arbitrators, you can turn to an arbitrator with your concern.

In the case of the following offenses, you can only sue in court if you have previously requested a mediation attempt at the Arbitration Office and this has demonstrably been unsuccessful:

  • Threat
  • Offense
  • Trespass
  • Assault
  • Damage to property
  • Violation of the secrecy of correspondence

The following civil-law disputes also require an attempt at mediation before you can file a lawsuit:

  • Disputes arising from the effects of noise, odors or dust, provided that these do not emanate from a commercial enterprise (Section 906 of the German Civil Code)
  • Dispute due to the impact of plants, roots and fruits (§ 910 ff. BGB) or a boundary tree (§ 923 BGB)
  • Disputes pursuant to the North Rhine-Westphalia Neighbors' Rights Act (Nachbarrechtsgesetz NRW), insofar as they do not involve interference by a commercial enterprise
  • Violations of personal honor not committed in the press or on the radio
  • Disputes concerning claims under Section 3 of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG)

Hilden has two arbitration districts. The arbitrator in whose district the opposing party lives is responsible. The arbitrators ask for prior contact by telephone.

  • Arbitration district 1 (South / East)

    includes the area south of the following street:
    Düsseldorfer Straße, Benrather Straße, Mittelstraße, An der Gabelung, Elberfelder Straße

    Office of the arbitration board:
    Mittelstraße 40 in the community center, room B23
    Office hours: by appointment with Mrs. Esser 01573 9211380 or in case of substitution Mr. Klann 02103 9416710.

  • Arbitration district 2 (North / West)

    includes the above-mentioned streets of District 1 and the urban area located to the north of it. The boundary runs: Düsseldorfer Str., Benrather Str., Mittelstr. An der Gabelung, Elberfelder Str. These streets still belong to district II North/West.

    Office of the arbitration board district:
    Mittelstraße 40 in the community center, room B23
    Office hours: by appointment with Mr. Brandt 02103 9113630 or in case of substitution Mrs. Schulz 0151 10 390 533.

  • Costs

    The procedure is subject to a fee for the applicant; an advance of €80.00 is charged when the application is submitted.

    However, information on the course of proceedings and the handling of a possible application for a conciliation hearing as well as advice on this are free of charge.