Photovoltaic system at the 3M plant

Road construction

Road construction

The Road Construction and Traffic Division of the Public Works and Parks Department is responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of roads.

The Central Construction Yard is responsible for road maintenance in Hilden. This includes, in particular, the rapid repair of minor damage to public roadways, bike paths, sidewalks, squares and other traffic areas.

In addition, a traffic safety crew takes care of road markings and the inspection and maintenance of traffic lights, parking ticket machines and signage in the city area.

  • Road safety obligation and road inspections

    Since the obligation to ensure traffic safety lies with the city, all roads and paths are regularly inspected. These inspections take place at different intervals depending on the traffic volume and the importance of the roads and paths.

  • Road Traffic Authority

    According to Section 45 of the Road Traffic Regulations, road traffic authorities may restrict or prohibit the use of certain roads, for example for reasons of safety and order, and divert traffic. This is mainly done by traffic orders (such as traffic signs and road markings).