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Waste statutes & fees

Waste statutes & fees

Waste management goal

In the interest of environmental protection, all residents, institutions and companies in the city of Hilden should organize their personal lives or activities according to the following principle: Waste prevention has priority over waste recycling and this in turn has priority over waste disposal.

The waste consulting service of the city of Hilden provides information and advice on the possibilities of avoiding and recycling waste as well as proper disposal.

  • Compulsory connection and use

    All properties used for residential purposes in Hilden are subject to the obligation to connect to and use the municipal waste collection system. Waste collection. The A+B obligation also applies to all commercially used properties, insofar as waste for disposal can be collected in approved containers and is not excluded by the statutes. According to the statutes, waste for disposal must always be collected and made available separately from waste for recycling.

  • Litter garbage can overview

    Residual waste garbage cans, organic waste garbage cans and paper garbage cans are provided by the City of Hilden in the sizes listed.
    Yellow recyclable waste garbage cans can be ordered from the contract partner of Duales System Deutschland GmbH.
    For temporarily more residual waste, municipal waste sacks can be purchased at the Central Construction Yard. Garbage bags can be purchased for a fee (5 euros/each). In the fall, the Central Construction Yard also offers municipal garbage bags for a fee (1 euro/each). In autumn, the Central Construction Yard also offers municipal leaf bags for a fee (1 euro/each), which are collected on the organic waste collection days.

  • Minimum residual waste volume

    For private households, a minimum residual waste volume of 15 liters per person and week must be maintained as the lower regulatory limit. If all organic kitchen waste is composted on one's own property or collected in the organic waste garbage can, the residual waste volume can be reduced to 10 liters per person and week.

    In the case of companies, the volume of residual waste is to be measured on the basis of population equivalents and the number of employees. Further information on this can be found in the waste disposal statutes and from the waste advisory service.

  • Collection modalities

    Residual waste garbage cans, organic waste garbage cans, paper garbage cans and bulky waste must be placed at the edge of the public road by 7 a.m. at the latest on the day of collection (from 6 p.m. at the earliest on the day before).
    The lids must be closed and the maximum weight of the waste containers according to the statutes must be observed (container size in liters x 0.4 = max. weight).
    A bulky goods point is approached several times a day, as recyclable materials are collected separately

  • Statute regulations for commercial enterprises

    Following the entry into force of the Commercial Waste Ordinance on 01.01.2003 and the corresponding amendment to the waste disposal statutes of the City of Hilden, a minimum residual waste volume based on population equivalents applies to the producers and owners of commercial municipal waste.
    For example, this results in a residual waste volume of 5 liters per employee and week for employees in administrative offices and office buildings. More information on this can be found in the waste disposal statutes and from the waste advisory service.

    Waste paper in larger quantities, such as that generated in the service and commercial sectors, must be recycled privately. Here, among other things, chargeable additional emptying can be arranged with the city under Tel. 72-1723.

    Companies with waste containing pollutants are required to connect to and use the IDRwaste disposal company in Düsseldorf-Reisholz.

    Food and catering waste from the hospitality industry and canteens in larger quantities should be collected separately and disposed of or recycled by a specialist disposal company.

    For the disposal of construction and demolition timber, building rubble, road debris, excavated soil and construction site waste, there is a connection and use obligation to the raw material recovery plant of the company R+R GmbH in Mettmann.