Mayor and administration

The mayor and the aldermen form the administrative board.

Tasks of the administrative board are, for example, the determination of principles of organization and administrative management as well as the planning of tasks of particular importance. The aldermen are elected by the council for eight years. They are responsible for specific offices, which are grouped into departments. In their respective department, they represent the mayor.

Mayor and aldermen

Portrait picture Dr. Claus Pommer

Dr. Claus Pommer

Head of Department I

Portrait picture Mona Wolke-Ertel

Mona Wolke-Ertel

Head of Department II

Portrait Sönke Eichner

Sönke Eichner

1st Alderman
Head of Department III

Portrait picture Peter chair bearer

Peter chair carrier

Head of Department IV

Portrait Martin Wiedersprecher

Martin Wiedersprecher

Head of the Office for Financial Services

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