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Waste prevention & advice

Waste prevention & advice

Whether peeled potatoes in jars, portioned vegetables in frozen packs, the good soup from a can, condensed milk as a mini portion pack, the fruit juice and milk in a composite carton or Coca Cola from an aluminum can.

We buy what we need, but also what we don't need. We buy double and triple packaged, useless, superfluous, toxic - and everything ends up in the trash at some point.

What can we all do?

  • Abandonment of plastic bags
  • Buy food wisely
  • Avoid unnecessary packaging
  • Do not immediately throw away expired food (food is often good for longer than the best-before date).
  • Avoid unnecessary packaging
  • Avoid disposable products (such as disposable tableware or similar)
  • Composting in your own garden
  • Avoid pollutants and collect them separately
  • Reuse furniture, clothes and appliances

    Charitable institutions accept well-preserved furniture, appliances and donations in kind, which they pass on to interested people. Their donations in kind are thus put to good use and help people who, for various reasons, cannot afford new purchases.

  • Repair instead of throwing away

    Often it's just a small matter, such as a break in the supply cable or a faulty fuse in the appliance, which can be fixed quickly.
    Or something has simply broken off. Experienced volunteer craftsmen, technicians and engineers are on hand to help you at the Hilden repair club.

    What is repaired?
    Small battery-operated appliances and typical household and entertainment devices are very welcome. There is also someone who can repair mechanical appliances or toys.

    Large appliances such as fridges and washing machines are not repaired. Smartphones and high-tech gadgets should also be taken to a friendly specialist dealer or workshop.

  • Borrowing instead of buying

    The city library at Nove-Mesto-Platz 3 has been offering a practical service for almost two years in the form of the "LeihBar". In addition to the familiar media, items of all kinds can also be borrowed from the Library of Things.

    The items that can be borrowed include drills, a cordless window vacuum cleaner, a hand truck, aCO2 measuring device, VR glasses and a sewing machine. There are now over one hundred items to choose from, such as various tools, outdoor games, handicraft accessories, electronic items, sports equipment, robots and much more.

    With a valid library card, these items can be borrowed from the LeihBar for 28 days and renewed up to two times. There are no additional costs for borrowing. The loan is included in the annual fee.

    Of course, you can also borrow or rent items or equipment that you rarely need. Simply search for an item you need on the Internet, e.g. using the terms "Hilden - rent - borrow"

Waste prevention means reducing waste through sustainable consumption, reusing or recycling products, as well as recycling waste and conserving raw materials.

In addition to many suggestions for waste avoidance, the information brochure for Waste Avoidance Week tells them where they can buy things second-hand or hand in used items in Hilden and gives them contact persons, addresses and opening hours.