Heavy rain and flood protection

In recent years, extreme rain events have increased and led to major damage. Heavy rainfall events are effects of climate change and cannot be avoided. Adaptation to these consequences is therefore a future task that the city of Hilden must take on together with all the authorities involved and the citizens. In addition to flooding in the vicinity of water bodies, areas located in depressions or hollows in the terrain topography may also be at risk during such events.

With the help of the heavy rain maps of the city of Hilden, you can see if existing properties or planned construction projects would possibly be affected by flooding due to heavy rain.

The district of Mettmann has published a guide to heavy rain prevention for homeowners, prospective builders and architects. This is available to download from the district's website.

  • Protective measures

    The most effective protection against damage is to implement individually adapted protective measures directly on endangered objects. There is a wide range of technical, structural and organizational measures that can be taken for protection. The guidelines published by the district of Mettmann for homeowners, building owners and architects also provide an overview of the possibilities for structural adaptations. You are welcome to contact the employees of the municipal drainage department.

    Taking out natural hazards insurance is an important supplementary component of preventive measures.

  • Backwater

    Taking out natural hazards insurance is an important supplementary component of preventive measures.

    Normally, the wastewater flows through the sewer system without backing up. However, the water level can briefly rise above the sewer peak, sometimes even to street level. This happens, for example, due to heavy thunderstorm rains or due to blockages in the sewer network and is nevertheless defined as a completely normal operating condition. When water levels in the sewer are high, the wastewater can back up into the property lines and escape at lower-lying drainage objects (inspection chambers, floor inlets, leaking pipes) if they are not secured against backwater. This then leads to basement or yard flooding.

    For this reason, the drainage statutes and technical regulations stipulate that all drainage facilities and pipes located below the backflow level must always be tight and secured against backflow.

  • Water Authority

    The district of Mettmann as the lower water authority responsible for the city of Hilden provides information on flood protection at water bodies and also refers to further information from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The official flood hazard maps can be viewed publicly at www.flussgebiete.nrw.de.