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Clean City Campaign Hilden

Clean City Campaign Hilden

Have you ever wondered the same thing? What kind of people are they who simply throw their paper handkerchief, candy wrapper or beer can into the landscape to the left and right of the path? Even more incomprehensible is the throwing out of trash and packaging along roads and highways.

The sight of a carelessly discarded cigarette butt or an empty can is annoying. Food scraps, chewing gum and dog excrement are disgusting. Finally, the wild dumping of bulky waste, paint buckets or even used oil canisters, e.g. on parking lots, in the forest or at container sites, is criminal and dangerous.

... or would you turn your garden into a garbage dump?

Each of us has the desire to keep ourselves and our homes clean. At home, recyclables and residual waste are collected separately as a matter of course. But outside of their own four walls, the motto "out of sight - out of mind" obviously applies to many. And if there is no waste garbage can nearby, the trash ends up on the street, in the bushes or elsewhere.

After the cleaning is before the cleaning

Many of these garbage corners must be cleaned additionally by the central building yard with increased work and costs.
Ultimately, ALL pay for the legacies of SOME.

And unfortunately, often nothing is recognizable from the cleaning after a short time. This is particularly the case at many bus stops. Despite the presence of litter garbage cans, cigarette butts and packaging are already lying on the ground again after a short time.

A bunch of trouble

Dog excrement is not only disgusting, but also poses health risks! The transmission of salmonella, roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms is possible. They can be the cause of eye, liver, lung and brain diseases, for example. Remember that children are especially at risk from dog feces. Always take dog bags with you and dispose of your dog's waste in the nearest wastebasket. Suitable bags are commercially available and can be disposed of in any waste garbage can.

Litter & Coffee To Go

So-called littering, i.e. the careless throwing away of packaging, butts, leftover food and other garbage, is omnipresent. Unfortunately, this problem has been exacerbated by the increase in so-called take-away or to-go consumption. According to recent studies, to-go packaging accounts for up to 80 percent of the "litter" generated in city centers.

Clean City Campaign Hilden and Regular Dirt Away Days

Every 2 years, Stadtmarketing Hilden, in cooperation with the Central Public Works Department Hilden, calls for the Dirty Way Day. All clubs, associations, parties and of course all citizens are invited to clean up the city. It is to be set then again times a signal for the contemporaries, who do not keep to the rules. Info under

 >> History Aktion Saubere Stadt Hilden and regular Dreck-Weg-Tage <<

However, the phenomenon of "littering" could not and still cannot be stopped by publicity campaigns and appeals alone. The administration and council of the city of Hilden reacted to this years ago and decided on a catalog of warning fines, which has been valid as an annex to the "Ordnungsbehördliche Verordnung zur Aufrechterhaltung der öffentlichen Sicherheit und Ordnung in der Stadt Hilden" since April 1, 2004.

The following warning fine levels have been adopted by the City Council:

Violation of the dog leash requirement in the city center 35 €
Bringing dogs to playgrounds, schoolyards and ball fields 40 €
Leaving dog excrement on traffic areas 55 €
Leaving dog excrement on playgrounds Fines
Spitting out chewing gum on streets and in facilities 40 €
Feeding wild animals (pigeons and ducks) 20 €

The regulatory ordinance, which virtually regulates the "rules of the game" of community togetherness in public, can be downloaded at

City cleaning in Hilden

As early as 7 a.m., two sweepers start daily from the municipal. Bauhof. The large sweeper cleans about 30 km daily, while the small sweeper takes care of the daily basic cleaning of the city center and parking bays and other places in the city area. The approximately 120 trash cans in the city center are emptied daily.

In addition, 4 minitrucks with hand cleaners travel to the city districts and clean all bus stops, glass container locations, playgrounds and ball fields, green spaces, parking lots and other facilities, in some cases several times a week. Of course, the approx. 630 waste garbage cans are also emptied regularly.

Event service

At or after events and festivals in public street areas, the organizer is always responsible for proper waste disposal and cleaning of the event areas.

The Central Construction Yard offers various services in this regard, ranging from the provision and collection of waste containers to the cleaning of the affected areas with sweepers.

For more information on registering and holding events and festivals, please visit the page of the Ordnungsamt (public order office ) of the city of Hilden.