Climate-friendly green spaces

Climate change requires the creation of species-rich and structurally rich green spaces.

Parks, green spaces and in-house gardens as well as front gardens must be designed close to nature and appropriately laid out for climate adaptation. Roof surfaces and facades can also make a valuable contribution to species protection through green design and represent a measure for climate adaptation.

A low-maintenance garden is desired above all by citizens who do not want to do without a garden and at the same time do not want to invest vast amounts of time in its care. Just because a garden should be low-maintenance, it can still be close to nature and insect-friendly. Low sealing and largely open drainage are further elements of climate-friendly green design.

The NRW consumer center supports interested parties with the project "More Green at Home" in the individual design and upgrading of apartments, houses and gardens. In addition to practical tips, the NRW consumer center invites people to participate in online seminars.

Note: Currently, a grant from BAFA can be claimed for the construction of green roofs!