Surveying & Real Estate

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In the service area of the surveying and real estate department, you can obtain information from the real estate cadastre as a digital file or as a printout or PDF file.

The real estate cadastre refers to the contents of the real estate book and the real estate map as well as the associated surveying documents. The real estate cadastre is maintained by the surveying and cadastral office of the district of Mettmann.

  • Real estate map

    The official cadastral map - also called real estate map, cadastral map or colloquially site plan - depicts the parcels and buildings according to location, shape and size. It can also contain representations of the use or topography. Real estate maps are usually published at a scale of 1:1,000 or 1:500.

  • Property book

    The real estate register is the official register of all real estate. It is kept automatically and describes the properties according to their location, use and size and shows the owners and leaseholders in accordance with the land register. The results of the land valuation for agricultural land are also recorded. In addition, references to ongoing land readjustment procedures such as reallocations, land consolidation or redevelopments may be indicated.

  • For your information:

    • Excerpts from the real estate cadastre can be requested in person or in writing (by fax, mail or post). Please provide the following information: Street/house number or parcel/plot, the invoice recipient and possibly a telephone number for queries.
    • Excerpts from the real estate cadastre are subject to a fee and are governed by the cost regulations for official surveying and official property value determination in NRW in the currently valid version.
    • For the issuance of an excerpt from the real estate register, the presentation of the legitimate interest is required if the applicant is not the owner or heritable building beneficiary and applies for the excerpt for his or her property or if publicly appointed surveyors or notaries act within the scope of the performance of their statutory duties.

    The city of Hilden is a municipality belonging to the district of Mettmann. Excerpts from the real estate cadastre can also be ordered in writing (by fax, mail or post) from the Surveying and Cadastral Office in Mettmann.