Donation campaign orchard Hofstraße

Orchard meadows are a paradise for insects and birds, and an ideal home for many plants. A fruit tree meadow with 20 apple trees, ten pear trees, ten plum trees and ten cherry trees is therefore to be planted between Hofstraße and the railroad line. The council's wish is that the people of Hilden feel connected to the important cultural landscape in the south. That is why citizens, groups, companies, organizations and associations in the city have the opportunity to contribute to the success of the project with a donation of up to a maximum of 400 euros.

>> Many thanks for the numerous donations. A total of 8,365 euros was raised for the orchard. The campaign has now ended. <<

  • Planting area

    Planting area orchard Hofstraße

  • What exactly does the concept entail?

    It is planned to plant about 50 trees, i.e. 20 apple trees, 10 pear trees, 10 plum trees and 10 cherry trees, on an area of about 10,000 m². The new trees to be planted should be at least 1.50 m high trunks. Care will be taken to ensure that they are essentially old and largely resistant varieties.

    The trees should be arranged in groups according to species and varieties to correspond to the different harvesting seasons.

    The distance between the individual trees will be between 11 - 12 meters. On the one hand, this takes into account the conditions for the efficient growth and yield of a meadow orchard and, on the other hand, leaves space for the agricultural tenant to make hay.

    The meadow should be planted with a high proportion of herbs so that it provides food for pollinating insects even at times when no fruit trees are in bloom.

    The initial planting will be done jointly by the NABU group Hilden and the agricultural tenant. The local NABU group will take care of the fruit trees with the support of the farmer.

    The donations will finance the purchase of the 50 trees, which currently cost between 100.00 and 150.00 euros, as well as funds for fixing the trees. In addition, an area along the railroad line is to be cleared of the blackberry hedges in order to improve the habitat of the sand lizard that lives there. In addition, the installation of a fence in the southern area of the site is being considered.
    For organizational reasons, we are unfortunately unable to offer a choice of fruit varieties at the fundraiser.

  • From when you can donate:

    During the period from 10/16/2023 to 10/30/2023.

  • How and how much you can donate:

    Donations can all Hildener and Hildener, groups, companies, organizations, associations from Hilden up to a maximum amount of 400.00 euros each, so that as many as possible can participate.

    After a donation receipt of 10.000,00 Euro the donation account will be closed. The closure will be announced on this page.

    Deposits made by non-Hilden citizens or received after the account has been closed will be returned.

    Donations can be made by bank transfer to the following account:
    >>The fundraising campaign has ended.<<

  • What do you get for your donation?

    In recognition of your donation, a certificate will be issued to you at your request, as well as a donation receipt for deposits of 300.00 euros or more. "For this, you must add the words "certificate" and / or "certificate" to the purpose of use."

    It is important that you also state your address as the purpose of payment so that we can send you the requested documents by post.

    In addition, a plaque will be installed at two publicly accessible locations near the fruit meadow, on which all donors can be read by name using a QR code (consent is assumed for the time being with the donation).

    If the entry is not desired or another name (e.g. a group name) is desired, please send us a short mail to the following e-mail address:

    Please enter "fruit meadow" as the subject and then write us your wish and the name that appears on the transfer so that we can match your wish to the donation.

    In addition, all those who have donated, as well as interested citizens, will probably be cordially invited once a year to an event organized by the NABU Gruppe Hilden and the agricultural tenant in cooperation with the city of Hilden. The date will be published in good time in the local press.

    And most importantly, you are helping to ecologically enhance the area on Hofstraße.

    The orchard serves to preserve and increase biodiversity, bind CO2, retain water, brings a cooling effect in high heat, and also provides a beautiful sight.