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Dual system for packaging

Dual System & Yellow Bin

New disposal company for the yellow garbage cans and sacks from January 2023:
Due to the new collection logistics tender by Duale Systeme, the collection of the yellow garbage cans was no longer carried out by Awista Logistics but by RMG GmbH from January 2023.

Cities and municipalities have no influence on private-sector packaging collection and are not the contracting authorities.
The collection districts and dates do not change and can also be found as usual in the municipal waste calendar and the MyMüll app. Waste calendar and in the MyMüll app. Likewise, it is still possible to choose between sack and garbage can in Hilden.
RMG GmbH would also like to discontinue the use of the previous distribution points for new yellow sacks and has named new distribution points.

As of January 2023, yellow bags will therefore no longer be issued in the town hall and at the municipal building yard. Building yard.

Please contact RMG GmbH for all questions regarding the collection of yellow bags + garbage cans as well as ordering and exchanging yellow garbage cans.

  • Dual systems for packaging

    The Packaging Act obliges manufacturers and distributors to take back and recycle packaging after use. This obligation is assumed by private-sector dual systems, which organize the collection and recycling of packaging throughout Germany and contract it out to private disposal companies. Cities and municipalities have no influence on private-sector packaging collection.
    Manufacturers and distributors of packaging are now no longer required to print symbols such as the Green Dot on packaging. Nevertheless, only packaging and packaging components belong in the collection of the Dual Systems. Further information can also be found at

  • Distribution points for yellow bags

    • Edeka Breidohr, Walderstraße 99
    • Edeka Kuhland, Lortzingstraße 39
    • Kioskland, Richrather Straße 65
    • Leo's Kiosk, Hagelkreuzstraße 1
    • REWE, Richrather Straße 172
  • What happens to empty packaging ?

    Packaging is collected, sorted and recycled via depot containers, garbage cans or bags in the collection or return system. This applies to all disposable packaging made of glass, paper, plastic, aluminum, tinplate and composites.
    In this way, old packaging is given a new chance. Because recycling creates secondary raw materials and new products again.

    Only empty lightweight packaging made of plastic, aluminum, tinplate and composite materials should be placed in the yellow bag or garbage can.
    This includes, for example:

    • Pet food & canned food cans,
    • Closures, crown caps,
    • Aluminum trays, foils,
    • Spray cans (without residual gas)
    • Toothpaste & glue tubes,
    • Plastic bags, wrapping film,
    • Gummy bear & candy bag,
    • Yogurt & margarine cups,
    • Shampoo, dishwashing liquid bottles,
    • Foam / Styrofoam trays,
    • Beverage and milk cartons,
    • Soup & ready meal bags,
    • Vacuum packaging etc.

    To ensure that the packaging from the yellow bag can also be sorted and recycled well, cans, foils, cups and plastic bottles must be emptied of residue and should not be stacked inside each other.

  • This does not belong in the yellow garbage can !

    Non-packaging items and products such as backpacks, electrical appliances, toys, video cassettes, clothes hangers, sneakers, etc. do not belong in the packaging collection any more than residual waste and green waste.

    Incorrectly filled recyclable material bags or garbage cans will be labelled with an information note by the disposal companies and will not be emptied. They must be re-sorted for the next collection or disposed of as residual waste for a fee.

    Avoiding additional waste volumes

    Help us , for the sake of the environment. You can freely choose whether you want to use a yellow garbage can or prefer yellow bags.

    Only please avoid filling the yellow garbage cans or containers with additional yellow bags. Please throw your packaging loose into the yellow collection containers and use smaller, reusable collection containers for this purpose. In this way, unnecessary packaging waste can be avoided and you make an important contribution to the conservation of increasingly scarce raw materials.