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The city of Hilden charges fees for the use of the public sewer system. These are set out in the property drainage statutes.

The tax office is responsible for settling the fees.

  • Rainwater

    In principle, precipitation water must be discharged into the municipal storm sewer. Under certain conditions, it is possible to deviate from this legal regulation. Whether the precipitation water can then be infiltrated on the property or discharged directly into a body of water in individual cases is checked by the property drainage staff. In this case, there is no charge for the use of the sewer.

  • Without connection

    Since a few properties in the Hilden municipal area are not connected to the public sewer system, the wastewater produced is treated or collected via small wastewater treatment plants and drainless collection pits. These must be emptied and maintained regularly. Emptying is regulated by the statutes on the disposal of property wastewater facilities in the city of Hilden. Emptying is carried out by a disposal company commissioned by the city at the expense of the property owner.