Photovoltaic system at the 3M plant

Hilden as a business location

The economy in Hilden is characterized by a strong mix of industries

Almost 5,000 commercial enterprises from trade, industry and commerce, as well as many individual companies, shape economic activity. Trade has a strong impact on employment in Hilden: More than 6,500 people are employed in the purchase or sale of goods. More than 7,500 people provide services and around 6,300 people produce goods.

Hilden's industrial focus is mechanical engineering with 45 companies. 17 companies process metals and 13 companies belong to the chemical industry. In addition, 10 companies deal with electronic or optical data processing.

  • Great Labels - Made in Hilden

    These products are not only known in Hilden: Qiagen biotechnology gene test kits, 3M adhesive films, insurance packages from Targo and Postbank insurers, brake pedals from Brüninghaus & Drissner, drills and milling machines from Moldino, cordless screwdrivers from Ryobi, ethical-ecological-social investment funds from Ökoworld, paints from Akzo-Nobel or haberdashery from Nilorn , and ovens from Wachtel.

    They all have a foothold or are headquartered in Hilden - in the center of the action in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region, in the middle of a sales market with over 11 million potential customers.

  • Hilden acts

    Preserving jars and cans for meat products are traded by the Züchner can center, natural foods and natural cosmetics are supplied by Biogarten, Wenko-Wenselaar supplies consumers with toilet seats as well as railing systems for bathrooms and kitchens that do not require a drill to attach, and Hugo Frauenhof GmbH covers industrial needs, especially in the area of hoses and high pressure, with its technical wholesale and own developments.

    Many international companies have set up their trading base in the Itterpark industrial park: For Europe, Western Europe, Germany or North Rhine-Westphalia. A lot of wholesale trade with various products: Building materials, tools, soils, sugar, power tools, agricultural raw materials, raw materials for the textile industry, optical data carriers, wellness products and many more.