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Road cleaning & winter service

Street cleaning and winter service

The Central Public Works Department is responsible for street cleaning and winter services in accordance with the valid street cleaning statutes of the City of Hilden.

In addition, all areas and facilities available to the general public, such as bus stops, container stands, parking lots, playgrounds, and green spaces, are cleaned by the Central Public Works Department. The approx. 750 municipal wastebaskets are cleaned weekly. Wastebaskets are cleaned weekly
partly several times. Some of them are emptied several times a week, in the city center even daily.

The cleaning and winter service on the sidewalks adjacent to the property is generally transferred to the property owners or the residents.

Which roadways and sidewalks are to be cleaned, how often and by whom, and which are to be gritted and cleared in winter, is specified in the respective valid street cleaning statutes and in the street directory of the city of Hilden.

Additional information on city cleanliness, street cleaning and winter services can be found in the city of Hilden's annual waste calendar.

  • Street cleaning and sweeping districts

    Street cleaning in Hilden
    Street cleaning refers to the cleaning of roadways, sidewalks and squares in the city. Street cleaning also includes winter services. Cleaning includes the removal of garbage and soiling that impairs hygiene or the cityscape, in particular paper, cans and cigarette butts - or that pose a danger to traffic, such as leaves, flowers and weeds.

    The central building yard cleans most of the roadways!
    The roadways of the streets listed below are cleaned completely or partially* by the municipal sweeper. sweeper. The sweeper crew also tries to clean the parking lanes. However, this is only possible if the parking bays are kept clear on the cleaning days.
    For streets and independent footpaths not listed, cleaning and winter maintenance is entirely the responsibility of the residents.

    * Which roadways and sidewalks are to be cleaned, how often and by whom is published each year in the street directory of the street cleaning statutes of the city of Hilden.

    Property owners and residents must clean the sidewalks !
    Sidewalks are all parts of the road that are separated from the roadway and are used for pedestrian traffic. This also includes grass verges, tree grates and cycle paths if they run without a structural boundary to the sidewalk. In traffic-calmed streets and pedestrian zones, a 1.50 m wide strip from the accessible edge of the road must be cleaned.
    Sweepings may not be swept onto the roadways, including gutters and sewer inlets. Sweepings must be disposed of as residual waste. Autumn leaves can be put in the organic waste garbage cans or handed in daily at the municipal building yard as green waste. Bauhof as green waste.

    Sweeping districts in Hilden

    Monday - even calendar weeks: Center to North
    Am Kronengarten, Heiligenstraße, Kolpingstraße, Südstraße, Hagelkreuzstraße, Klotzstraße, Robert-Gies-Straße, Schulstraße, Neustraße, Pro-Activ-Platz, Itterstraße, Wehrstraße, Hofstraße, Benrather Str., Fritz-Gressard-Platz, Berliner Straße, Schwanenstraße, Marktstraße, Bismarckstraße, Am Rathaus, Mühlenstraße, Paul-Spindler-Straße, Friedenstraße, Hagdornstraße, Mettmanner Straße, Hoffeldstraße, Augustastraße, Bogenstraße, Nordstraße

    Tuesday - even calendar weeks: North
    Mozartstraße, Koennekestraße, Lortzingstraße, Haydnstraße, Beethovenstraße, Verdistraße, Lodenheide, Sibeliusweg, Kosenberg, Regerstraße, Furtwänglerstraße, Gustav-Mahler-Straße, Richard-Wagner-Straße, Loewestraße, Händelstraße, Zelterstraße, Molzhausweg, Joh.-Seb.-Bach-Straße, Schumannstraße, Werner-Egk-Straße, Felix-Mendelsohn-Straße, Hugo-Wolf-Straße, Carl-Orff-Straße, Schubertstraße, Brahmsweg, Silcherstraße, Gerresheimer Straße

    Wednesday - even calendar weeks: Center to East
    Kirchhofstraße, Am Feuerwehrhaus, Walder Straße, Mühlenhof, An der Gabelung, Am Heidekrug, Heidepark, Henkenheide, Menzelweg, Barlachweg, Ludwig-Richter-Weg, Kalstert, Lievenstraße, Rembrandtweg, Frans-Hals-Weg, Clarenbachweg, Noldeweg, Holbeinweg, Lochnerweg, Raffaelweg, Tizianweg, Merianweg, Dürerweg, Max-Volmer-Str., Qiagenstraße, Teichstraße

    Thursday - even calendar weeks: Östl. Hochdahler Straße
    Gartenstraße, Pungshausstraße, Grünstraße, Kilvertzheide, Elberfelder Straße, Spinnerweg, Druckerweg, Färberweg, Krepperweg, Bleicherweg, Oststraße, Mühle, Mühlenbachweg, Hochdahler Straße, Giesenheide, Zum Jägerhof, An der Bibelskirch, Am Jägersteig, Am Weidblech, Auf der Hübben, Biesenstraße, Taubenstraße, Zwirnerweg, Hummelsterstraße, Tucherweg, Nordpark

    Monday - odd calendar weeks: South
    Humboldtstraße, Jägerstraße, Schützenstraße, Verbindungsstraße, Uhlandstraße, Karnaper Straße, Bruchhauser Weg, Pestalozzistraße, Comeniusweg, Wilbergstraße, Diesterwegstraße, Schürmannstraße, Topsweg, Rochowstraße, Goesweg, Overbergstraße, Sprangerweg, Oerkhaus, Salzmannweg, Buchenweg, Schlehenweg, Hagebuttenweg, Eibenweg, Ligusterweg, Lehmkuhler Weg, Auf dem Driesch, Kastanienweg, Rüsternweg, Ulmenweg, Akazienweg, Rotdornweg, Talstraße, Am Lindenplatz, Richrather Straße, G.-Hauptmann-Hof, Anton-Schneider-Weg

    Tuesday - odd calendar weeks: South
    Breddert, Am Eichelkamp, Forstbachstraße, Fichtestraße, Leibnitzstraße, Hegelstraße, Kantstraße, Lindenstraße, Dagobertstraße, Kölner Straße, Am Wiedenhof, Ohligser Weg, Tulpenweg, Narzissenweg, Kiefernweg, Lärchenweg, Dahlienweg, Am Strauch, Zur Verlach, Holunderweg, Erlenweg, Tannenweg, An den Linden, Erikaweg, Weidenweg, Am Anger, Fliederweg, Eschenweg, Kniebachweg, Ginsterweg, Baustraße

    Wednesday - odd calendar weeks: Westlich Gerresheimer Straße
    Grünewald, Köbener Str., Wohlauer Str., Oderstr., Steinauer Str., Marienweg, Meide, Schalbruch, Heinrich-Lersch-Str., Westring Stichen, Herderstr, Sudermannstraße, Stockshausstraße, Auf dem Sand, In den Weiden, Hans-Sachs-Straße, Heinrich-Heine-Straße, Heerstraße, Luisenstraße, Immermannstraße, Ellerstraße, Körnerstraße, Fabriciusstraße, Schillerstraße, Feldstraße, Poststraße, Bahnhofsallee, Hülsenstraße

    Thursday - odd calendar weeks: West + South
    Düsseldorfer Straße, Weststraße, Siemensstraße, Marie-Curie-Straße, Heinrich-Hertz-Straße, Agnes-Pockels-Straße, Liebigstraße, Horster Allee, Großhülsen, Im Hock, Forststraße, Daimlerstraße, Reisholzstraße, Niedenstraße, Bernshausstraße, Eichenstraße, W.-Wiederhold-Straße, Kleinhülsen, Im Hülsenfeld, Lise-Meitner-Straße, N.-Otto-Straße, Telleringstraße, Joh.-Vaillant-Straße, Otto-Hahn-Straße, St.-Konrad-Allee

  • Winter service in Hilden

    Winter service on sidewalks in Hilden

    What are footpaths within the meaning of the street cleaning statutes?
    Footpaths within the meaning of the street cleaning statutes are all independent footpaths and sidewalks as well as all parts of the road intended for use by pedestrians. This also includes shared footpaths and cycle paths.
    If there is no sidewalk, e.g. in traffic-calmed areas or in pedestrian zones, sidewalks 1.50 m wide from the accessible edge of the road are deemed to be sidewalks.

    Who is responsible for sidewalks?
    In principle, the adjacent property owners are responsible for cleaning and winter maintenance on sidewalks. If these duties are delegated to tenants or third parties, for example, this must be clearly contractually regulated and monitored from a liability law perspective. A replacement must also be provided in the event of illness or vacation.

    Where and how do you have to take action?
    A 1.5 m wide strip must be kept clear along the property on the public footpath - if there is no footpath on the edge of the road . Smaller gaps in the sidewalk gritting network between two properties should be avoided and must also be gritted/cleared.

    If there are bus stops or crosswalks in front of the property, they must be gritted and cleared up to the kerb edge so that safe access to and from the bus stop shelter is guaranteed.
    Keep hydrants and road inlets free of snow and ice and store snow on the edge of the sidewalk so that no obstructions occur.

    If residents are responsible for all street cleaning on smaller roads, they are responsible for protecting pedestrians on icy and slippery sidewalks:

    • marked crosswalks,
    • Crossing aids across the roadway and
    • Crossings for pedestrians in continuation of the sidewalks at intersections or street junctions

    up to the middle of the roadway.

    There are hardly any safety obligations for traffic due to the low traffic significance. Snow must only be cleared if the snow cover is obstructive to traffic. In these cases, no street cleaning and winter maintenance fee is charged.

    What may be gritted?
    Only blunting gritting agents may be used on footpaths. The spreading of de-icing salt is only permitted in extremely icy conditions or in particularly dangerous areas (stairs, ramps, bus stops, crosswalks, etc.).
    You can obtain grit from large DIY and garden stores, for example. Clearing away the grit applied is also part of the winter maintenance duties.

    When do you have to grit and clear?
    Snow and ice must be removed immediately after the snowfall has stopped or after icy conditions have developed:

    • on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and
    • Sundays and public holidays from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

     There is no need to grit and clear at night. You can also take a break during a heavy snowfall. However, the obligation to grit and clear begins when the snowfall only continues or subsides to an insignificant extent.

    How is winter road maintenance regulated:

    In principle, statutory winter road maintenance obligations only apply to traffic-critical and dangerous sections of inner-city roads. However, the central building yard also carries out winter road maintenance in 3 priority levels:

    Priority level1:
    Main roads within and beyond the city limits as well as the main bus routes;

    Priority level 2:
    Access and collector roads that are important for traffic;

    Priority level 3:
    Residential and service roads with minor traffic significance in 30 km/h zones. Here, snow is only cleared when the snow cover is higher. For environmental reasons, salt is only spread in extremely icy conditions.

    The central building yard clears and grits the roads from 3 a.m. until 9 p.m. in the evening. Generally, pre-wetted salt is used for this. The Solingen state road maintenance team is responsible for federal and state roads outside the local thoroughfares.

    As there are hardly any uphill stretches in Hilden and apart from the main roads there is almost exclusively a 30 km/h speed limit, you should always reach your destination safely.

    Waste collection and street cleaning in winter

    In the event of heavy snowfall, please help the refuse collectors by clearing an alleyway to the garbage cans and containers.
    On the day of collection, please park your vehicles in such a way that there is still sufficient space for the refuse collection vehicles. In extreme cases, you should place the bins on the next larger street for collection in smaller cul-de-sacs.

    Organic waste in particular often freezes in the organic waste garbage can. The contents of the bins then do not slide out at all or only partially, despite repeated "banging" during the dumping process. For reasons of occupational safety, refuse collectors are prohibited from reaching into the bins.
    Tip: In freezing conditions, wrap damp organic waste in newspaper or paper towels and line the base of the bin with newspaper. Use a broom handle or spade to loosen the contents from the inner wall before collection.

    For technical reasons, street cleaning with road sweepers has to be completely suspended at temperatures around freezing point.

    What consequences can you expect if you fail to meet your obligations?
    On the one hand, residents may be liable to pay compensation if they fail to meet their obligations and, for example, a passer-by falls and injures themselves as a result. On the other hand, they may be in breach of the regulations and the city of Hilden may impose a fine.

    Finally, a heartfelt request:
    Please fulfill your snow clearing and gritting duties conscientiously. A snow and ice-free sidewalk is particularly important for elderly people and people with restricted mobility to be able to cope with everyday life.
    Wear winter shoes with non-slip soles.
    You and your children should not ride bicycles in icy and snowy conditions. There is no continuous gritting, as it is forbidden to use salt on the combined footpaths and cycle paths and various obstacles make it difficult to clear the road by machine.
    Equip your vehicle for winter and adapt your driving style to the winter conditions.