Local politics

Local politics

The Council, i.e. the Municipal Council, was elected for 5 years at the municipal elections on September 13, 2020.

It is composed of 64 members.

According to the election results, a total of 7 political groups and one non-attached member are represented on the Council.

  • Council and committees
  • Factions in the City Council
    Logo CDU

    CDU parliamentary group
    22 seats,
    Hans-Sachs-Str. 4, 40721 Hilden
    Tel: 02103 2 11 88
    Fax: 02103 2 33 88

    Logo SPD

    SPD parliamentary group
    15 seats,
    Bahnhofsallee 24, 40721 Hilden
    Tel: 02103 5 47 08

    Logo Alliance90/The Greens

    Parliamentary Group ALLIANCE 90 / THE GREENS
    13 seats
    Richrather Str. 34, 40723 Hilden
    Tel: 02103 4 61 10
    Fax: 02103 36 02 46

    Logo FDP

    FDP parliamentary group
    4 seats
    Richrather Str. 57, 40723 Hilden
    Tel: 02103 39 66 56
    Fax: 02103 24 26 92

    AFD logo

    AfD Group
    4 seats
    Mittelstraße 42
    40721 Hilden

    Logo citizen action

    3 seats
    Südstr. 36
    40721 Hilden
    Tel: 02103 91 02 10
    Fax: 02103 91 02 13

    Logo Alliance for Hilden

    Faction ALLIANZ for Hilden
    2 seats
    Schalbruch 57,
    40721 Hilden
    Tel: 02103 91 02 15


    The Left
    Lisa Didschuneit

Other bodies

  • Disability Advisory Board

    The Advisory Council for the Disabled was established in Hilden in 1976. Its purpose is to provide information, advice and assistance to people with disabilities and their families and to represent their concerns to the council, the administration and the public. Its goal is to remove barriers in buildings, in the street area and in administrative actions, but also in thinking, and thus to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities in the city of Hilden.

    Since 2020, the Advisory Board for the Disabled has included the following members.

    Barbara Epe-Lichtenthälerdeputy chairwoman
    Anne Schunicht-RaweSecretary
    Dieter EnglichDeputy Secretary
    Malin SchmidtAssessor
    Sabine Anna RothCashier
    Kerstin Milkereit-WaldenrathAssessor
    Bodo SeumeAssessor
    Dagmar VolmerAssessor


  • Advisory Council for Displaced Persons, Refugees and Ethnic German Resettlers

    The task of the Advisory Council for Expellees, Refugees and Late Repatriates, which consists of seven members, is to advise the expellees, refugees and late repatriates, to represent their interests in public and to arouse their understanding for the measures taken by the authorities. In this sense, the advisory board should also sensitize the administration and the council for the interests of the expellees and late repatriates.

    In close cooperation with the representatives of the institutions and organizations for displaced persons, refugees and ethnic German immigrants, it participates in the planning and implementation of measures and programs. In addition, the Advisory Council can provide education, information and entertainment with its own events.

    The members of the advisory board are elected by the conference of delegates of the associations and organizations active in the field of action.

  • Integration Council

    The Integration Council is a democratically legitimized body that results from a primary election in which only immigrants can participate. People with or without an immigrant background can be elected, regardless of their citizenship - as individual candidates or as lists.

    The Integration Council is committed to the social participation, integration and other concerns of immigrant people.

    It fulfills an important cross-sectional function by ensuring that the interests of migrants are taken into account in political decisions in the city. Furthermore, it contributes to improving the situation of migrants in Hilden and thus helps to improve the coexistence of different cultures within our society.

    Since 1994, the municipal code of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has stipulated the formation of a migrant representative body. The election takes place on the same day as the municipal election. The Integration Council is composed of 12 elected representatives and one member of each parliamentary group represented in the Council (7 in total). All 19 members are entitled to vote. In addition, representatives of the welfare associations based in Hilden take part in the meetings in an advisory capacity. The Hilden Integration Council is a member of the NRW State Integration Council.

    All information is available in the citizen information system.

  • Youth Advisory Council

    Since 2011, the Child Education Act (KiBiz) has provided for the election of a parents' representative body for parents with children in daycare centers in order to give them an opportunity to participate at the local level, among other things.

    The committee is the contact for the parents' representatives of all Hilden daycare centers as well as for the city administration.

    Contact can be made at the following address:

  • Youth Parliament

  • Children's Parliament

  • Senior Citizens Advisory Council

    The Senior Citizens' Advisory Council is an elected body in Hilden that represents the interests of older citizens - non-denominational and independent of party politics. It is made up of honorary representatives of senior citizens' facilities, civic associations, clubs and associations as well as individual applicants. They are elected for four years.

    Waltraud Fricke
    Wilfried Höntzsch
    Ingeborg Krieger
    Raimund Meven
    Horst miller
    Beate Röding
    Hiltrud Stegmaier
    Christel Gerling

    Office hours
    Monday: 10:00 - 12:00
    in the community center, Mittelstraße 40, 1st floor, room 11a
    02103 72-1158

The information according to the Anti-Corruption Act, which all council and committee members are obliged to provide, can be found there in the details of the respective address record.