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Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

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As part of the ESD, we offer you events!

Hilden City Library is committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030). All elements should be integrated as well as possible into everyday work and the services offered to visitors. In this way, we want to contribute to sustainable development for society as a whole.

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Our aim is to develop a sustainable self-image in this regard. We see ourselves as a place that provides the foundations for this in the form of events, workshops and knowledge offerings. By participating in these formats, people have the opportunity to play an active role in this process and influence its design.

The event formats that we offer as a city library are intended to appeal to a broad spectrum of people. Again, it is not necessary to have a valid library card to take advantage of the events we offer.

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Here are examples of ESD events

  • "Digital sponsorship events":

Logo digital sponsors

In cooperation with the digital mentors of the district of Mettmann, "digital consultation hours" and workshops are held regularly. The aim is to promote digital participation in old age. The aim of the "digital consultation hours" is to support older people in particular in the selection and use of digital devices. Participation in these is free of charge and the support of the digital mentors can be used spontaneously throughout the consultation hours without prior appointment. In the workshops, the digital mentors offer lectures on various digital topics and also explain what needs to be considered with certain programs and devices. There are also additional action weeks with a supporting program and local cooperation partners.

  • "Bee action day":
Bee on a dandelion!

To coincide with World Bee Day, there will be an action day for the whole family on the subject of bees. Various formats will be offered in which young and old can actively participate. The aim is to raise awareness of nature and the environment and the impact of humans on them.

  • "ESD events in cooperation with the Bruchhausen Nature Conservation Center":

The aim is to establish the use of the Hilden City Library and the Bruchhausen Nature Conservation Center as an extracurricular place of learning and education as well as for leisure activities. Through joint event formats, knowledge transfer on the topic of sustainability is to be manifested through workshops and lectures.

  • "Repair meeting":
Repair meeting: Most things can be repaired.

The repair meeting is supervised and run by a group of volunteers with individual expertise. They ensure that defective small appliances and everyday items can be repaired on site in the library. As these are mostly made from finite raw materials, it is particularly important for sustainability that defective items do not have to be disposed of immediately. By repairing items, it may no longer be necessary to buy new ones. As a rule, repairs are also cheaper, more CO2-neutral and therefore the better option.

  • "3D printing training courses":
Freshly printed 3D figures from the 3D printer.

The 3D printer "Prusa i3 MK3S+" is available for free use by customers of the city library after an introduction. It can be used to produce numerous figures or useful spare parts in just a few steps. This helps to realize the complex provision of small parts for many different applications in a competent, local and climate-neutral way.

  • "German-Ukrainian reading lesson":
Ukrainian-German reading lesson

A welcoming culture is practiced in our library. The library is the ideal place to go for people seeking protection and new arrivals. They can find information brochures, media for language learning and their own retreat area on site. We adapt our services to the current situation: For example, a meeting place was set up at short notice for people from Ukraine who have arrived in Hilden and the surrounding area. These people are now integrated into their new everyday lives. They are also learning German, which has created another need. Accordingly, a "German-Ukrainian reading hour" has been set up. The promotional materials for this are distributed directly in the local accommodation facilities.

There is also a wide range of other events on offer, which can be found in the city library's event concept.