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Sewer connection

For the realization of a building project, be it a reconstruction or a new building project, you need a new connection or a change connection to the public sewage system in connection with a building permit.

The monitoring of the municipal sewers, rainwater retention basins and pumping stations is the responsibility of the central The central construction yard is responsible for monitoring the city's sewers, rainwater retention basins and pumping stations.

  • Building permits

    Building permits are issued by the Building Administration and Supervision Office. In connection with the planning of your building project, you must think in good time about the drainage of the wastewater produced. A so-called drainage plan must be prepared.

  • Drainage plan

    A drainage plan can be prepared for you by an architect or a specialist planner, for example. The extract from the sewer inventory of the city of Hilden serves as the basis for this planning. You can obtain this by mail from the staff of the property drainage department on request. You submit the drainage plan in duplicate together with the completed drainage application.

    If the plans you submit are in order, they will be approved. You will receive a corresponding connection and discharge permit.

  • Property connection

    After considering the drainage on the property, the private drainage must also be connected to the public sewer. This involves connection to the municipal wastewater, stormwater or combined sewer: In other words, the section from the property boundary to the municipal sewer. For this purpose, an application for a property connection must be submitted. This should be submitted before completion of the construction (if possible approx. 8 weeks before the planned move-in).

    Existing connections can be used. If necessary, you must renovate them. An application(renovation application) must also be submitted for this.

    The work for the property connection or rehabilitation is carried out by a company commissioned by the city. The costs for this are borne by the owner.