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Our LeihBar

You will find the "LeihBar", our library of things, on the first floor. There you will find a constantly growing selection of items from the areas of leisure, DIY, technology, sport, home improvement and household. The items can be borrowed free of charge with a library card. This is particularly useful for trying out items or for items that are rarely used.

That's why we want to offer a resource-saving and sustainable alternative to buying with our rental service.

Here you can see the loan bar location on the first floor.
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    If you have any suggestions or requests regarding new purchases for the LeihBar, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Action camera

    Action camera

    AKASO V50 Elite Action Camera
    The action camera is a small, powerful, digital camcorder for recording high-resolution videos. The camera is protected against environmental influences such as shocks, moisture and dust. Various mounts, straps and a waterproof housing are included.

    Balancing stones to borrow!

    Balancing stones

    The balancing stones provide numerous play and climbing options to train balance while having fun. The set contains four balancing stones.

    Craft scissors for a group!

    Craft scissors

    The set contains various craft scissors. These include various contour scissors, silhouette scissors, household scissors and children's craft scissors.

    The well-known educational robot Bee-Bot!


    The Bee-Bot playfully trains children's spatial thinking and mathematical understanding. It has forward, backward, left and right rotation buttons. Children can use these to memorize a sequence of movements. The Bee-Bot then executes these movements step by step. The children plan the path to a predetermined destination on a mat. This simple planning of movement sequences already corresponds to the algorithmic logic of programming.

    A combi hammer drill with attachments to borrow!

    Hammer drill

    Makita HR2631FT combi rotary hammer
    The powerful combi rotary hammer is suitable for drilling, hammer drilling and chiseling. It is equipped with an SDS-PLUS quick-change chuck and has an LED light. It is also equipped with anti-vibration technology. The speed can be adjusted using a switch. It is supplied by us in a set with 5 universal drill bits.

    Button machine - ideal for your workshop!

    Button machines

    (25mm / 55mm)
    The button machine can be used to make individual, round buttons. A template for the required size of paper is included. The buttons can be used for a wide variety of projects.

    Cake pop set to borrow!

    Cake Pop Set

    Cake pops are round cakes in mini format. With the cake pop set, you can easily make 12 cake pops at once. It is non-stick coated and regulates the baking temperature automatically.

    Single-board computer for experimenting!

    Calliope mini

    The Calliope mini is a microcontroller. It makes it possible to use code and hardware to solve problems, implement ideas or realize fun projects. The Calliope mini can be used by children from the third grade upwards. As a microcontroller, it has the special feature that children can program with it without easily producing short circuits. Using a simple programming language, children can bring the mini computer to life.

    A Co2 meter to borrow!

    CO2 measuring device

    TheCO2 measuring device is ideal for monitoring theCO2 concentration in buildings. TheCO2 content is crucial for determining the indoor air quality and helps you to optimize your own ventilation behaviour. The air temperature and humidity are also displayed and help you to analyze problems (e.g. discomfort, humidity, mould, concentration problems).

    Educational robot "Dash" is also available for hire!


    Dash is a real robot. Dash reacts to voices, drives around obstacles, dances and sings. He is a true wonder of technology. You can teach Dash new behaviors with different apps that promote different learning levels and play styles. The set also includes a three-piece catapult with matching balls and compatible LEGO attachments.

    Multifunctional tool available to borrow!


    Easy-to-use multifunctional tool for a wide range of applications: cleaning, slotting, sanding and engraving in one device. The device works wirelessly and can be recharged via USB cable. The speed setting is fully variable and the tool is equipped with the EZ Twist quick-change system. The set consists of a sander, a charging cable with power plug, eight attachments and instructions.

    Is your appliance possibly consuming too much power? Then you can test it here!

    Energy consumption meter

    With the energy consumption meter, precise measurements of the energy consumption and therefore the costs of the connected appliance can be determined. This not only reveals energy wasters, but also saves electricity and money. Easy insight into: consumption (KWh), power (watts), costs (euros), voltage (volts), current (amps), time used, max. measured current, max. measured power, double tariff calculation possible, maximum power 3680 W, 16 A.

    Do you hate stapling by hand? No problem! There's an electric stapler to borrow from the library!

    Electric tacker

    The battery-operated tacker can staple wood, cardboard, insulating materials, fabric, foil, leather and similar materials. It can be operated with staples or suitable nails. Approx. 1500 shots can be fired with one battery charge. Please follow the instructions and safety data sheets.

    Duck fishing, simply brilliant for a children's birthday party!

    Duck fishing

    The duck fishing set now offers children the opportunity to enjoy fishing fun in their own home, which is otherwise only known from folk festivals. It includes fishing rods for three people.

    E-readers are also available for you!


    Try our Onleihe catalog with a borrowable e-book reader!
    Link to our eLibrary in the Mettmann district

    Exercise roll to go!

    Fascia roller

    A fascia roller, also known as a hard foam roller, is a self-massage device that is used in neurological, orthopaedic, sports medicine and fitness facilities. The aim is to influence the structure of the fascia from the outside by "rolling out".

    Hula-hoop for the hips!

    Fitness tires

    The fitness hoop is the perfect addition to fitness and gymnastics exercises. Training with the hula hoop makes it easy to burn body fat. It is therefore ideal for beginners and advanced users, at home, for Pilates, yoga, competitive sports, rehabilitation, therapeutic purposes, stabilization exercises, gymnastics, etc. It consists of 6 parts and can be clicked together.

    Not suitable for beer pong!

    Flash Cups

    "Cup stacking or speed stacking" means stacking at high speed. It involves arranging and stacking plastic cups in different ways at high speed. Like juggling, stacking promotes hand-eye coordination and the ability to react. By alternating between the left and right hand and crossing over in front of the center of the body, both halves of the brain are activated equally.

    Throwing targets to borrow!

    Frisbee Deluxe

    The set includes a large cloth which serves as a target and on which various dot fields are marked. The cloth can be anchored to the ground with the pegs provided. The 4 targets are thrown at the cloth in an attempt to score as many points as possible.

    Would you like to tinker with burns? Then the hot glue gun is just the thing!

    Hot glue gun

    The cordless hot glue gun from Toolcraft enables convenient and precise gluing of different materials in the home and workshop, without the hassle of tangled cables. It is ideal for repairing, decorating, handicrafts and model making. Ideal for almost all materials such as cardboard, metal, wood, stone, plastic, textiles, glass, paper, cork, tiles, leather and much more. After a short heating-up time on the base station, the hot glue gun can be used immediately and flexibly without a cable.

    Exactly! You read that right. A hot air dryer!

    Hot air dryer

    The hot air dryer or hot air gun offers a wide range of applications. You can use it for drying building materials, soldering, thawing, removing varnish or paint or attaching heat-shrink tubing. It can also be used in the DIY sector, e.g. for removing air bubbles, making candles, activating embossing powder, drying watercolors or heating materials such as Worbla.

    Cleaning windows has never been so easy!

    Kärcher window vacuum cleaner

    The Kärcher window vacuum cleaner helps to clean windows quickly and thoroughly by sucking up the dirty water and thus enabling streak-free drying of the window pane. It works on battery power so that you can work independently of a power source.

    Do you collect chestnuts? Now you can process them too!

    Chestnut craft set

    The chestnut drill makes it easier to drill holes in chestnuts for handicrafts and reduces the risk of injury. The chestnuts are held securely in the vice and can then be drilled through with one of the hand drills.

    A set of many games to make the children's birthday party action-packed!

    Children's birthday set

    This colorful party set brings a great atmosphere to any birthday party! Whether with sack races, egg races or can throwing - the individual movement games are suitable for up to 4 children and can be expanded as required with additional sets so that several children can take part.

    There's nothing better than a pair of headphones.


    The headphones offer a sound experience for enjoying music or audio books, watching movies or playing games.

    A fretsaw box without saw blades.

    Fretsaw box

    This fretsaw toolbox contains everything that little craftsmen need for their first woodworking projects. Set with a fretsaw, a board, ruler and square, a wood saw, screwdrivers, pliers, hammer, hand drill and clamp. Wood for sawing and saw blades are not included.

    Simply teach your child how to cut with scissors - with a pair of educational scissors!

    Learning scissors

    Set with three different models of scissors to help children learn how to cut. Suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users.

    Here you can see the "Makey Makey" with which you can turn everything into a keyboard!

    Makey Makey

    The Makey Makey board is a small circuit board with which conductive objects can be converted into computer keys. This makes it possible to creatively produce installations that react to touch. Connected to the computer, everyday (conductive) objects can be used to make music, play video games or similar.

    Here you can see a "Mario Kart Live" kart. This allows you to play Mario Kart in augmented reality!

    Mario Kart Live

    Mario Kart races come to life! The Nintendo Switch console is used to control a kart. You can look over the driver's shoulder with the kart's camera, whose recordings are transmitted to the Nintendo Switch console or the TV screen. Gates are used to create the track.

    The Meta-Quest 2 for hire!

    Meta-Quest 2

    Meta Quest is suitable for people aged 13 and over! Immerse yourself in virtual worlds with the Meta Quest 2 VR goggles. Be it exciting blockbuster universes, scary horror adventures or collaborating with colleagues in innovative work environments. The top specifications such as the 4K display with up to 120 Hz or the integrated hand tracking make the Quest 2 an outstanding VR headset that can also be converted into a PC VR headset in no time at all.

    Beam-Me-Up Scotty!

    Mini projector

    The mini projector can be used to project videos and photos onto a wall in a darkened area. Media, apps and more can be selected simply by dragging and clicking on the touchscreen. This makes it possible to stream content from Netflix, YouTube, etc. The mini projector has the Google Play Store and supports AirPlay, Miracast, EShare and DLNA. For iOS and Android systems.

    Brother" sewing machine for the rental bar!

    Sewing machine

    The sewing machine can be used for a wide variety of sewing tasks. Regardless of whether they are of a more practical nature or serve the joyful creation and implementation of a wide variety of sewing projects - there are no limits to creativity.

    An Easter bunny that holds the egg in place, making it easy to create your own Easter eggs!

    Easter egg painting set

    The Easter egg painting set includes an Easter egg painting machine, a holder for Easter eggs, a needle and a small bellows. The eggs can be clamped into the Easter egg painting machine and the machine turns them using the included motor. This makes it easy to paint stripes and patterns on the eggs. The needle and bellows enable the raw eggs to be blown out hygienically.

    Ozobot educational robot on loan!

    Ozobot Evo Starter Kit

    The interesting and instructive Ozobot can be programmed using colors, lines and simple programming language. To do this, lines with different color codes are drawn over which the Ozobot moves and executes the various commands. The Ozobot can be programmed not only on paper, but also via the free apps for iOS & Android: OzoDraw, OzoLuck, OzoPath and OzoGroove.

    A paper cutter... Exactly!... to cut paper.

    Paper cutting machine

    A paper cutting machine makes it possible to cut single or multiple pages precisely. First, the stop is set so that the paper can be cut with millimeter precision.

    Tingling? I think they are stitching tools.

    Tingling set

    This set can be used to make various handicrafts using the prickle technique. The set contains four prickle needles and four prickle pads.

    Never say rain backwards.


    Our classic red wooden umbrella can be borrowed at any time to protect you from rain or snow after your visit to the library.

    Perfect for your trip, a travel adapter.

    Travel adapter

    The PRO travel plug ensures simple and safe connection of 2- and 3-pole devices from Europe in over 120 countries. The available power of up to 1575 W also enables the use of powerful devices such as laptops and travel hairdryers. The PRO offers a safe solution for using devices worldwide.

    A soap bubble set. You make the soap bubble mixture yourself.

    Giant bubble set

    The large yellow ring and the blue multi-ring not only make huge bubbles fly, but also entire bubble sculptures. The set contains a total of eight blowing rings and five bowls.

    A ring light stand - perfect for your videos on social media!

    Ring light stand

    This ring light with integrated tripod helps to create even lighting for photo and video shoots. The ring light is operated via a USB cable and does not have an integrated rechargeable battery. The light color and intensity can be adjusted. The scope of delivery includes a cell phone holder, two ball heads for attaching cameras and a Bluetooth self-timer.

    Exactly. A rolling board. With wheels on it.

    Roller board

    The rolling board serves as a transport aid for heavy or bulky objects.

    Three different pliers to borrow!

    Jewelry pliers

    These are three pliers of different shapes for shaping and shortening jewelry wire. The pliers are only suitable as jewelry tools for thinner and softer wires.

    A metal measuring cup?

    Simmer pot

    A simmer pot (water bath pot) enables food to be heated gently without boiling over or burning. Particularly suitable for preparing sauces etc.

    Do you have a penchant for balancing? Then the slackline is just the thing for you!


    This tape is called a slackline. Slacklining requires a combination of balance, concentration and coordination. This makes it ideal as additional training for sports such as climbing, skiing and other sports that require a good sense of balance. The set also includes tree protectors.

    Instant camera without photo paper!

    Instant camera

    With the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic instant camera in retro design, art pictures can be taken in the palm of your hand thanks to the long exposure and double exposure function. The Instax instant camera offers five motif programs. For example, the background can be optimally illuminated or the camera's focus point can be set to infinity to focus on distant objects. Double exposures of up to 10 seconds and long exposures are possible. The camera has an integrated tripod thread to ensure that the images are not blurred. This is also ideal for taking instant photos in self-timer mode. The instant camera has two shutter release buttons, which can be used to conveniently capture subjects in portrait and landscape format.

    Here you can see a die cutter!


    With motifs punched out of paper or scattered pieces, a lot of things can be easily embellished and decorated. Whether gift tags, labels, greeting cards, photo albums, invitation cards or gift wrapping - there are no limits to your creativity

    Have you ever wanted to make straw stars? Here's a whole set to help you out!

    Straw star maker

    The plastic templates in various sizes simplify the production of straw stars by fixing the stalks in the desired shape. The stars can then be easily tied in their final shape with yarn.

    Portable CD player, so you can at least enjoy our audio books and music without a smartphone with streaming service.

    Portable CD player

    The portable CD player enables the playback of various CDs (CD / CD-R / CD-RW / MP3). A built-in anti-shock function ensures that listening enjoyment is not interrupted even if external force is applied. The typical jack plug for headphones can be connected.

    Transparent floor mat for the Bee-Bot

    The transparent mat with 24 pockets is perfect for very individual tasks. Simply fill the pockets with your own symbols, pictures or tasks - and you're ready to go. The easily programmable educational robot Bee-Bot introduces pre-school children to the exciting world of robotics. It can be used in numerous areas, such as reading, arithmetic and language learning.

    Viking chess.

    Viking chess

    Mölkky-Set (also suitable for Viking chess or Kubb) is an outdoor throwing game for the whole family. The points scored per throw are counted and recorded. Not suitable for children under the age of 3.

    An artifact from childhood returns. Erasable drawing sheet!

    Xoomy Maxi

    The Xoomy Maxi from Ravensburger makes it easy for children to create drawings. It consists of a light table and an LED lamp. Foils with motifs can be placed on the lamp. These motifs are then projected onto the table where children can transfer them onto their own sheet of paper. The Xoomy Maxi includes 72 transparencies with over 300 motifs. This makes it easy to create your own fantasy worlds, comics and other works of art. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

    The traditional ladder game, but in large format.

    XXL ladder game

    While children learn a lot while playing and process their experiences, adults also have a lot of fun and enjoy playing and train their logical thinking or dexterity in a playful way. The XXL ladder game is a large version of the ladder game in which the people themselves become the game pieces.

    Memory in large format!

    XXL Memory

    The aim of the giant memory game is to find pairs of pictures of different animals. The tiles have pictures of different animals printed on them, two of which belong together. Memory is not only a great way to pass the time, but also good memory training.

    The board game "Mensch ärgere dich nicht" in large format!

    XXL "Mensch ärgere Dich nicht"

    The aim of "Mensch ärgere Dich nicht" in XXL format is for everyone to try to get their 4 playing pieces to the finish line first and "throw out" the opponents as often as possible.