International Women's Day


The Equal Opportunities Officer is committed to promoting equal rights for all genders, overcoming stereotypical role models and taking action against sexism.

We advise citizens and multipliers, organize events and exhibitions and actively promote equality within the city administration of Hilden.

In everyday working life, situations can always arise in which gender plays an (in)direct role: be it in job interviews, in contact with superiors or colleagues or in the equal distribution of gainful employment, care and nursing work. You can always contact the Equal Opportunities Office. The Equal Opportunities Officer is bound to confidentiality.

  • Women's Counseling Center

    Every 2nd Wednesday of the month from 8:30 - 10:30 a.m. women in Hilden can contact the women's counseling center of the SKFM Mettmann e. V.. The consultation hours take place in the office of the equal opportunity commissioner, Mittelstraße 40.
    To avoid long waiting times, prior registration is requested:

    +49 2103 1419-232


    • in all topics and concerns specific to women
    • on individual questions
    • for support in situations of upheaval and crisis
    • for accompaniment in the event of threatened or experienced violence
    • to strengthen the development and self-care and self-esteem
    • for help in dealing with authorities and other institutions
    • to the mediation

    More offers

    • Groups and special courses
    • Technical presentations
    • Trainings and projects

    The counseling is confidential, voluntary, free of charge, anonymous if desired, independent of nationality and religion and is subject to professional secrecy.
    Outside of the office hours in Hilden, you can make appointments directly at the General Women's Counseling Center of SKFM Mettmann e. V.

  • Refugee women

    Protection from human trafficking and exploitation on the run
    Thousands of women are fleeing the war in Ukraine. Many people want to help - but there are also those who exploit the need. Police and human rights organizations therefore warn against human traffickers. Aid organizations on the border between Ukraine and Poland report traffickers targeting young women and children.

    Contact persons on site
    Help with violence against women and children and for pregnant women in need.

    If trafficking or exploitation is suspected, a specialized counseling center should always be involved, with the consent of the trafficked person, in order to offer trafficked persons the best possible support.

  • Laws

    Article 3 of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany
    Article 3 of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany guarantees equality before the law, equal rights for the sexes and prohibits discrimination and preferential treatment on the basis of certain characteristics. This makes it a right of equality.

    § 5 Gemeindeordnung NRW - Gleichstellung von Frau und Mann
    The equality of men and women in the municipalities. The equal opportunity commissioner is not subject to any directives and can decide freely within her field of activity.

    Law for the Equality of Women and Men in the Federal Administration and in Federal Companies and Courts (Bundesgleichstellungsgesetz - BGleiG)
    The federal law for the equality of men and women in federal companies (e.g. ministries) and federal courts. It is intended to prevent discrimination between the sexes.

    Equal Opportunities Act for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (Landesgleichstellungsgesetz - LGG)
    The counterpart of the Federal Equal Opportunities Act. Describes the duties and powers of an equal opportunity commissioner at the state level and in the municipalities. In addition, it contains guidelines for the entire administration (e.g., formulations in gender-equitable language).

    Explanations of the State Equal Opportunity Act
    Explanations, frequently asked questions, and guidelines for action regarding the State Equal Opportunity Act are provided.

  • Violence against women

    Violence has many faces and we encounter it everywhere: at home, at work, in public spaces, on the Internet. It doesn't just start with beatings. Threats, verbal abuse and control are also forms of violence. We actively campaign against discrimination and violence.

    Important contacts

    Anonymous evidence recovery
    If you have been the victim of a sexual offense, you are in an exceptional situation, both physically and psychologically. You can take your time in deciding whether or not to press charges. The only important thing is that possible traces of the crime (e.g. semen, injuries) are secured directly so that they can possibly serve as evidence later in court.
    With the Anonymous Securing of Evidence after Sexual Offenses (ASS), you can secure traces of the crime as evidence for later court proceedings without having to file charges directly. The traces are stored anonymously for ten years.

    The help hotline - advice and help for women
    The "Violence against Women" help hotline is a nationwide advice service for women who have experienced or are still experiencing violence. Victims of violence of all nationalities, with and without disabilities, can call 08000 116 016 and receive support around the clock, 365 days a year. Relatives, friends and professionals are also advised anonymously and free of charge.

  • Digital violence in the context of domestic violence

    With digitalization, new forms of domestic violence against those affected are developing, exacerbating the problem in the analogue world. Digital violence means that these acts of violence make use of technical aids and digital media (e.g. cell phones, apps, emails). Following the symposium of the same name, the Round Table against Domestic Violence in the district of Mettmann has now published a brochure for citizens entitled "Digital violence in the context of domestic violence". It contains tips for preventative measures as well as important offers of help, contact points and contacts to support those affected. The brochure can be downloaded online from the Mettmann district website:

  • International Women's Meeting

    Hilden women from different countries of origin meet regularly and invite you to join them. They want to

    • Promote intercultural exchange
    • Strengthen political education of women and girls
    • advocate against violence by women and girls
    • Discuss topics that concern us
    • Develop and implement projects together
  • Men