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With the establishment of the Central Procurement Office in 1999, the City of Hilden pursued the goal of standardizing the procurement system. In addition, there was to be a strict separation of the awarding of contracts and the formal execution of the awarding procedure, with the aim of preventing corruption.

  • Tasks of the Central Procurement Office

    The Central Procurement Office is responsible for carrying out the procurement procedures for all municipal contracts in accordance with VOB, UVgO and VgV.

    This includes, but is not limited to, advertising in the case of public tenders, changing the bidder composition in the case of restricted tenders, publishing the bidding documents, opening and securing the bids, arithmetical verification and obtaining missing declarations, etc.

    Furthermore, it is checked whether the provisions of the VOB/UVgO/VgV are complied with. In this way, more transparency is to be brought into the procedure of an award.

    Furthermore, the tasks of the procurement office include the development and maintenance of the contractor database.

  • Current announcements for public tenders

    Public invitations to tender (national and Europe-wide) of the City of Hilden published from May 02, 2016 will be made available free of charge on the NRW and Rhineland public procurement marketplace, including the award documents:

    Using the search function in the announcements area, enter Hilden in the "Search term" field and then click Search. All current publications for calls for tenders in which the search term Hilden is contained in the text will now be displayed.

    Current tenders
  • List of awarded contracts

    Pursuant to Section 20 (3) VOB/A and Section 30 (1) UvgO, the contracting authority shall, in the case of

    • restricted invitations to tender without a competitive bidding process with a contract value of € 25,000 or more excluding VAT,
    • direct awards with a contract value of € 15,000 or more excluding value-added tax, and
    • Negotiated awards without competitive bidding with a contract value of € 25,000 or more excluding VAT

    after the award of the contract.
    The results of the above-mentioned award procedures are therefore listed below.

  • Intended restricted tenders

    Pursuant to Section 20 (4) VOB/A, the contracting authority must provide information on intended restricted invitations to tender pursuant to Section 3a (2) No. 1 above an anticipated contract value of € 25,000 excluding VAT.

    Listed below you will therefore find the above-mentioned intended restricted tenders of the city of Hilden.

    Note: Unless a listing is displayed after this text, no restricted tenders are intended!