Are you interested in the energy-efficient refurbishment of your residential building? In cooperation with the district of Mettmann, we provide you with assistance and general information on energy refurbishment, local experts and give you an overview of relevant funding programs.


  • The project

    The ALTBAUNEUproject offers citizens information on the sensible planning and implementation of measures for energy-related building renovation. They receive competent support for their energy-related renovation project.

    The ALTBAUNEUproject is an initiative of municipalities and districts in North Rhine-Westphalia.

  • "My house file" from ALTBAUNEU

    "My House File" by ALTBAUNEUinvites you to gather and keep all the important documents and information such as plans, construction descriptions, contracts, etc. The earlier you start, the easier it will be to manage your house and implement your plans. Even with an energy consultation, a well-maintained house file will help you set personal renovation goals and uncover possible weak points in the building.

    "My house file" - your advantages

    • All important information about your own house summarized in one place
    • Supports you with energy modernization, maintenance and conversion measures
    • Increase in the value of the property through proof of attentive and sustainable use
    • Valuable source of information for the valuation, sale or rent of the house
    • Basis for energy consulting and the issuance of an energy certificate
    • Simplifies contact with lenders and funding agencies
    • Potential for cost reductions, e.g. in ancillary costs, becomes visible

    The ALTBAUNEUhouse file can be handed out at the information desk after ordering in advance at