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Streets & House Numbers

Assignment of street names and house numbers

Street sign at city hall

The naming of streets and house numbers is a matter for the municipality. Street name signs and house numbers are the essential prerequisites for orientation in the municipality's territory and serve, among other things, to avert danger.

House numbers

In view of the findability of the addresses for visitors and above all for police, fire department and emergency services, the house number designation is to be officially assigned. The allocation of a house number is carried out by the city of Hilden and is determined by means of a notice. The house number is part of the official location designation. From the determination of a house number follows the obligation of the owner to provide his property with the determined house number.

A house number is assigned ex officio in the course of a building permit procedure for new buildings. However, it can also be assigned upon application, for example, in the case of changes to the existing building or additional entrances. Sometimes it may be necessary to renumber existing house numbers.

The assignment of house numbers can be applied for informally.

Street names

The right to give names to streets and squares in the urban area is a self-government matter of the municipalities. The right to name also includes the right to change existing names. The naming of streets requires a resolution of the municipal council or a deciding committee.

Street naming is at the discretion of the municipality. The municipality has extensive freedom in choosing the name of the street. However, the chosen street name must not be offensive or violate criminal laws and the democratic constitutional order. In the case of a street renaming, existing interests of the residents in retaining the previous street name must be taken into account in the weighing process.

Street naming can honor deserving citizens and maintain local tradition. Suggestions submitted will also be collected and taken up again in due course.

The meaning of individual street names and their origin or interpretation/history can be obtained from the city archives.