CitizenSolarConsulting - Hilden

In Hilden, there are many people who are interested in a photovoltaic system, with or without storage, a wallbox for the e-car or a heat pump for their home. In this context, however, various questions also arise, for example:

  • Which techniques are recommended and how should the plant be dimensioned?
  • Is my roof suitable for the installation of a photovoltaic system?
  • What are the providers ?
  • Is this economical for me, what contribution can I make to CO² savings?
  • What rules must be followed for registration and billing?

This is where the volunteer advisors of the Hildener BürgerSolarBeratung (BSB) help. The group came together in the fall of 2022 and completed a training course at the umbrella organization of nationwide BSB groups, the "Metropol-Solar e.V.". They are not only experienced PV operators themselves, but have already accompanied the first projects. The BSB sees itself as an honorary neighborhood help for questions around the topic of solar energy. For this reason, the advice and support provided to interested parties on the way to their own system is free of charge and there are no dependencies on manufacturers or the tradesmen who carry out the work.

The focus of BürgerSolarBeratung-Hilden is on PV systems for one- or two-family houses. Balcony power plants and energy consulting are not part of the consulting content.

In order to further expand the network, those interested in volunteering as consultants are welcome to contact us at any time.

The offer of the BürgerSolarBeratung-Hilden:

  • Consulting
  • Accompaniment
  • Earnings Forecast
  • In-house consumption calculation
  • Economic efficiency calculation

After the consultation, the solar newcomer has a good idea of the conditions, costs and benefits of their own sustainable and autonomous power generation. This serves not only as a decision-making aid, but also as a basis for being able to assess offers from solar installers.