International Women's Day

WDR Christmas miracle

International women's meeting place and equal opportunities office collect for mothers in need

Christmas market exhibitors donate over 500 euros of their proceeds

At the Hilden Christmas market, the International Women's Meeting Place and the Equal Opportunities Office of the City of Hilden collected donations for the WDR Christmas Miracle. The donation target for 2023 is: "Together for mothers in need". Many market exhibitors each donated ten euros of their proceeds to the good cause. Some even more. In total, over 500 euros were raised. Angelika Hamann from the International Women's Meeting Personally brings this sum to the WDR2 Glasvorhaus. "We have chosen "Thank You for Hearing Me" by the singer Sinéad O'Connor, who passed away this year, to commemorate an exceptional musician," reports Kirsten Max, Hilden's Equal Opportunities Officer.

Kirsten Max is delighted about the willingness to donate for women and children in crisis areas. "Strong mothers mean strong children, mean a strong community - that's what WDR says. I fully share this conviction!" The collection was also supported by Mayor Claus Pommer and City Marketing Director Volker Hillebrand. "The special thing about the Hilden Christmas market is that, in addition to commercial exhibitors, there are also many clubs, organizations and private individuals at the stalls over three days," explains Kirsten Max. "Everyone here puts their heart and soul into their work!"