2024: Introduction of the NRW volunteer card for Hilden

With the council resolution of September 13, 2023, the City of Hilden's volunteer pass, which has been issued to deserving volunteers since 2006, will be replaced by the NRW volunteer card.

The reasons for this and confirmed by the unanimous council resolution are Opening up the volunteer card as a sign of appreciation for the many, many people who have dedicated their free time to our society over many years.

From January 18, 2024, the city of Hilden will participate in the Ehrenamtspass NRW program.

Interested parties can find downloads of the app or documents for the application with corresponding instructions on the homepage of the State Chancellery of North Rhine-Westphalia.

What will remain the same and what will change for volunteers or clubs and organizations? We have summarized more detailed information here in the table.

2016-2023: City of Hilden
From 2024: State Chancellery of the State of NRW


every 2 years by associations and fellow human beings

At any time by volunteers themselves, also possible digitally, but also as a surprise by associations and fellow human beings

Required information

Name, organization name and description of the activity

Contact details of volunteers and organizations, description of the activity


Regular and long-term voluntary work (5 years)

Adults 5 h per week or 250 h per year (also cumulative times) Duration 2 years


Expense allowance of max. 15/mo or 180/y

No flat-rate expense allowance, no on-call times


No minimum age

No minimum age


Activity profile specified by the association

Activity profile specified by the association



Simplified if youth leader card

Number of cards

100 honorees

for all entitled persons, no contingent


Mayor and jury

Associations/organizations and mayors


2 years

2 years


not immediately possible

after expiry: New application possible


Shipping, every 2 years

Shipping after approval

Assumption of costs

80% by the municipality 100% regional offers

Many supra-regional offers, furthermore selected municipal offers


Hilden's own bonus booklet with regional offers

Regional and national discounts, also in the app


Card with annual bonus voucher booklet

Map and/or app


2 yearly changing Hilden-related motif

Standard NRW 'Ehrensache' volunteer card

Special features

Annual bonus voucher booklet

The anniversary volunteer card (25 years of volunteering) is valid for life