Volunteer cover

Volunteer exchange in the city center

Volunteer exchanges have been held regularly in the city center since 2005.

  • Broad spectrum of voluntary commitment

    Represented are clubs and associations from different categories, such as:

    • Children and youth
    • Church
    • Culture and customs
    • Rescue service and security
    • Social
    • Sports

    Citizens have the opportunity to obtain information without obligation. Some want to know more about the work of the organizations. Others are interested in the various opportunities to get involved themselves. None of these wishes remain unfulfilled here.

    The Volunteer Exchange is intended to highlight the importance and diversity of voluntary activities in Hilden. Voluntary commitment is the social network that supports Hilden and that makes Hilden special compared to other cities.

    Very few visitors sign a membership contract at this introduction fair. But the conversations have a lasting effect, and once there is time and the desire, many remember the contacts made at the volunteer exchange.