Solar & Green Roof Cadastre

In the NRW solar register you can plan a photovoltaic system on a roof or open space or a solar thermal system on a roof surface. Solar calculators are available for all three variants, which provide you with initial planning information for the configuration of the system.

The State Office for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection (LANUV) presented its new green roof cadastre in 2021 so that more roofs can be opened up for climate adaptation measures throughout the state.

The combination of photovoltaic system and green roof can also be checked via the NRW green roof register.

In addition to roof pitch, exposure and shading were used as assessment criteria. However, no structural information is available on the roofs, so each potentially suitable roof subarea must be examined individually.

In addition, other parameters such as weight, retention potential during heavy rainfall, potential annual rainfall retention, average evaporative cooling capacity per year, annual stormwater fee savings potential, CO2 sequestration potential, and particulate matter sequestration are presented.

Note: Currently, a grant from BAFA can be claimed for the construction of green roofs!

Further information and online seminars on green roofs are offered by the NRW consumer advice center via its"More green on the house" project.