Children's Parliament

Children's Parliament

The Hilden Children's Parliament was established back in 1996. Since then, the students in Hilden's schools elect their representatives once a year. Elections are held both in elementary schools and in secondary schools.

After the elections, the elected children divide into four working groups with the following focus:

  • Environment and road traffic
  • School
  • Playground
  • Public

Each working group meets once a month. The topics arise depending on the focus and current events. The children's parliamentarians contribute their own ideas and suggestions as well as those of their classmates. Subsequently, they consider how content can be implemented.

Twice a year, a large meeting is held under the chairmanship of the mayor. The meeting is public and all Hilden children are invited to express their questions and wishes directly.

The goal of the Children's Parliament is to involve children as an important part of the community in the decisions that affect them.

Anyone who has not been elected at school but would still like to participate in the Children's Parliament is welcome to email: