City Coat of Arms & Logo

City Coat of Arms & Logo

The city of Hilden has a city coat of arms as well as its own administrative logo.

  • Coat of arms of the city of Hilden

    In 1900, the city of Hilden received its own city coat of arms. It is a national emblem that is used solely by the city. The use of the coat of arms by third parties can be approved on application in individual cases.

    The coat of arms of the city of Hilden consists of a shield and a crown. The mural crown is the symbol of the city. In the upper part of the shield there is a red counter crenellation bar on a silver background. This is the regional coat of arms of the Counts of Berg and shows that Hilden belongs to the Berg'schen Land. The silver band on a green background represents the Itter, which flows through Hilden. The crested wheel and sickle are symbols of industry and agriculture, which still roughly balanced each other out when the coat of arms was awarded on April 2, 1900.

    Coat of arms city Hilden
  • Municipality logo

    The word-picture mark (logo) is developed from the stylized coat of arms. The color scheme was deliberately kept. The representation makes the logo look more modern. In order to be able to use the logo as flexibly as possible, it was designed in different variations. The use is exclusively incumbent on the city administration of Hilden.

    Logo city administration Hilden

    This variant is the most common and may only be used on a white background.

    In addition, the logos are still available in black and white, which are used on monochrome surfaces or on images with sufficient contrast.