Youth parliament in the city park

Meetings and committees

Meetings and committees

Meetings of the Youth Parliament

Meeting of the Youth Parliament in the Civic Hall

Twice a year, the Youth Parliament holds a large public meeting. This meeting is the highest decision-making body of the youth parliament. In addition to the entire youth parliament, employees of the city administration and representatives of the Hilden parliamentary groups also take part in this meeting. The interested citizenry is welcome, of course especially young people. In the session:

  • Hilden young people can ask questions to the youth parliament and express their wishes and needs during open question time.
  • is discussed about written requests from young people.
  • current topics relevant to young people are discussed.
  • the youth parliament informs itself about factual topics and invites experts.
  • is reported on completed projects.
  • the Youth Parliament gives a progress report on ongoing projects.
  • planned projects are presented.

During the youth parliament session, the young people can pass resolutions on all the above-mentioned points.

Committee work

As an advisory member, the youth parliament regularly participates in two specialist committees. Since 2011, the Youth Parliament has had a permanent seat on the Youth Welfare Committee, and in 2015 the seat on the Committee for Schools and Sports was added. Following a motion passed by the City Council in June 2023, the Youth Parliament has a general right of motion and associated right to speak in all specialist committees on topics relevant to young people.

Since then, the Youth Parliament:

  • introduced its own draft resolutions and communications in order to present and implement its own projects,
  • participated in discussions and inquiries at youth-relevant places and represented the opinion of the youth,
  • and introduced its own motions to advocate for a youth-friendly city.