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Building land reallocation

Building land reallocation

A building land reallocation is a procedure regulated by law (Sections 45 to 84 of the Building Code) for the reorganization of land.

It is initiated in order to realize the planning law stipulations of a development plan by reorganizing plots of land. In addition to the formation of appropriately designed plots of land for construction or other use, the areas for development facilities (roads, paths, squares) including green areas as well as the areas for compensation under nature conservation law are also provided.

The reallocation is based on the principle of formal land plot exchange regulated by law and thus guarantees the continuity of ownership.

The council of the city of Hilden appoints the reallocation committee, which is then responsible for carrying out the reallocation procedure. The reallocation committee is a body independent of the municipality with its own decision-making authority. It makes use of an office. The office conducts the reallocation negotiations, prepares the decisions of the reallocation committee and handles them.

The office of the reallocation committee of the city of Hilden can be found at the department of surveying & real estate.