Children playing


Children don't let adults direct them to predetermined places. When they are still small, they need the familiar proximity of the home; when they are older, they gather in places where there is something going on. There, they often collide with the needs of adults, such as nap times in residential areas or play bans on public lawns.

Conflicts between children and adults are normal. Resolving them requires mutual consideration and understanding for each other.

  • Playground sponsorships

    To meet the needs of children, a playground needs not only equipment and facilities, but also people. People who are partners for the children, who take them and their needs and problems seriously, and who provide them with assistance. But people who also make sure that the children's playtime is not restricted by defective playground equipment, dirty sand, disruptive youths or residents.

    We are looking for volunteer playground mentors who want to take special care of playgrounds. Their tasks could be:

    • To be the contact person for children and parents,
    • Forward incidents to the responsible offices,
    • Organize game festivals,
    • Lend playground equipment.

    You would like to get involved and are interested in a voluntary sponsorship for one of the 66 municipal children's playgrounds, the 13 ball fields, 5 all-weather playgrounds or a school playground in Hilden? Why not? That is very good. Thank you in advance for your interest.

    Children's playgrounds are some of the few places where children can still play without worrying, at a time when more and more areas are being built on and are therefore no longer available for children to develop freely. The aim of the sponsorship office is to preserve these places and to ensure that playground equipment and play areas for children remain in a good, playable condition. By becoming a playground sponsor, you take on a share of responsibility in your social or residential environment.

    With your commitment, you support the city administration in its work for the citizens of this city and thus, of course, also stand up for the interests of children in particular. They do not stand alone for all problems at the respective children's playground, but serve as an active contact person to bring hints on the way or to improve grievances specifically.

  • Playground construction and maintenance

    There are a large number of children's playgrounds throughout the Hilden municipal area. They are adapted to the wishes and needs of children of different ages.

    In order to guarantee both safety and fun for young and old, there is a frequent replacement of equipment on the one hand and constant renovation work on the other.