City Library

City Library

The Hilden City Library is spread over a total of three floors, all of which are barrier-free.

There is a magazine area on the first floor with magazines on a wide range of topics. Daily newspapers can be read comfortably anywhere in the house. Family, children's and strategy games are available in the board games area. Books on gaming and video games for the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 5 and other consoles round off the range of games.

There is also a separate section with Blu-rays and DVDs for young people and adults as well as the lending bar. The LeihBar is a library of things, so items such as a mini projector, action cam, sewing machine and much more can be borrowed.

The 1st floor houses the novel section, the children's department, the "Generation Plus" location, audio books and the parents' library. The youth section and our study room are located on the 2nd floor, as are the internet café and the non-fiction books for adults. In addition, the city library offers numerous seating options that invite you to linger.

Online media management

Via the union catalog "Bibnet" you can perform searches at any time, view your current account overview, renew borrowed media and use the digital media offers.

Our event tips:

Numerous individual and series events are held throughout the year for a wide range of target groups. The offer includes, among other things, reading sessions, author readings, comic and manga drawing courses, gaming events, repair meetings as well as technology and sewing workshops.

Lecture by the NRW consumer advice center on the new heating law

The "Heating Act" - or formally correct "Building Energy Act" - has been passed and is in force.
What does this mean for people who own property? What requirements must be met?
Does it make sense to insulate your own home?
Answers to these and other questions will be provided in a presentation by
Verbraucherzentrale NRW.

The hybrid event will take place on Thursday, February 29, 2024, at 6 p.m. in the Hilden City Library, Nove-Mesto-Platz 3, as well as digitally.

The event is a joint project of the climate protection managers of the cities of Hilden and Haan. It marks the start of a new series of lectures on current energy and climate protection topics.

Participation is free of charge, but prior registration is required: and 02103 72-1402 (Hilden) or and 02129 911-305 (Haan).

Following the lecture, there is also the opportunity to arrange a personal consultation with the energy advisor from the consumer advice center.

Lecture Antifeminism

Antifeminism is not only the "anti" to feminist movements, but also an ideology in its own right.
It has many faces and connects various social groups and currents.

Ronja Heukelbach's lecture provides an introduction to antifeminism as an ideology and highlights its particular danger to society as a whole. In addition, the relationship between antifeminism and sexism will be examined and it will be shown how the two terms differ.

Participation is free of charge. Participation is free of charge. Please register via our participation portal. Alternatively, you can register by telephone on 02103/72-1301.

"Now it's 14!" -
Crime reading in the Hilden City Library

Jutta Büscher, Anke Völkel and Manuela Wirtz, three of the 14 co-authors, read from the crime novel "Jetzt schlägt's 14! ".

A crime thriller dinner at the Mystery Manor Hotel in Cornwell with celebrated author Patricis A. Swan - shortly before the reading, she disappears. Her body is eventually found in the cellar. Cut off from the outside world by a storm, village policewoman Margo McCallum takes over the murder investigation at the hotel. She receives involuntary help from actor Newton Stewart, who plays Swan's famous Inspector Grey in a television series and now wants to prove himself in a real case.

In this crime novel under the pseudonym M.S. Walther, each of the 14 authors has taken on a role and tells the story of the character's relationship to the murder victim from their own perspective.
At this reading, three of the authors will present their three perspectives in an entertaining and exciting way. A murderous delight, full of allusions to legendary crime writers and their works, perfect for sleepless nights.
There is no admission charge for this event.

Plotting for everyone! - Workshop

Under the guidance of instructor Janina Vorwerk, the plotter and heat transfer press will be put under the microscope in a taster workshop for young people aged 12 and over and adults.

For example, shopping bags, felt coasters, key rings and much more will be plotted. Your own ideas and special requests should not be neglected - please bring your own textiles (e.g. a T-shirt, an apron).
Plotter and transfer press will be provided. All other materials are included in the participation fee of €15. Beginners are just as welcome as participants who already have experience with a plotter.

Registration is now open via our participation portal. The participation fee must be paid upon registration.