Group of people


According to a distribution key, foreign refugees and ethnic German repatriates are assigned to the city of Hilden by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia for accommodation.

They are housed and cared for in transitional homes run by the city until they are able to find housing on the open housing market, provided their status under immigration law permits this.

  • Accommodation management

    Due to legal foundations, the city of Hilden is obliged to maintain accommodations (transitional homes) for refugees, late repatriates and homeless people, i.e. for people who cannot or are not allowed to provide themselves with housing.

    A user fee is payable for the shelters, the amount of which is set by the City Council. In addition to monitoring the payment of user fees, the management of the shelters also includes the purchase of inventory.

  • General counseling in housing emergencies

    Due to illness, unemployment, over-indebtedness, personal circumstances, but also due to ignorance, it can happen that your apartment is terminated, you receive an eviction notice or the eviction of your apartment is pending.

    The fact that you will receive fast and competent assistance and support here is a special concern of ours in order to meet the satisfaction of the basic human need - housing. Active support is intended to prevent the threat of homelessness with all its negative consequences.
    In many cases, homelessness can be averted by taking appropriate action in good time, so it is very important to address this problem at an early stage. Do not be afraid to contact us.

    For advice and support, the city cooperates with the Sozialpädagogische Einrichtung Mühle e.V., Nove-Mesto-Platz 3c, 40721 Hilden. Here, a team of social work specialists is available to inform you about the many possibilities for help and to actively support you if necessary.

    For people who find themselves in an acute emergency situation, the city maintains emergency shelters to give them a temporary place to stay. Here, too, people receive accompaniment and support with the aim of moving out of the emergency shelter and into an apartment.

    People in need can take advantage of the offers of the Tafel of the SKFM.

    In cooperation with the women's shelters of the district of Mettmann, it is possible to obtain temporary housing for protection against domestic violence.