This department performs the tasks of the enforcement authority of the City of Hilden in accordance with § 2 of the Administrative Enforcement Act of North Rhine-Westphalia (Verwaltungsvollstreckungsgesetz NRW).
The enforcement authority is responsible for the collection of all public-law and, in part, private-law monetary claims of the City of Hilden as well as other external creditors by way of official or enforcement assistance. Enforcement measures against movable assets include:

  • Seizure of movable property including motor vehicles by the enforcement field service
  • garnishments of receivables (e.g. wages, accounts, social benefits and rent)
  • Apartment search procedure
  • Procedure for making a statement of assets
  • Attachment of other realizable rights

The enforcement in the internal and external service is carried out in the city area of Hilden by own enforcement officers. For the enforcement, the debtor has to pay garnishment fees and other costs of enforcement, which can be enforced without a separate notice.

To counteract these enforcement measures, you can transfer the amount due to the account of the city of Hilden, stating your cash reference number, which was given in your request for payment.

Sparkasse Hilden-Ratingen-Velbert
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Enforcement measures relating to real property (compulsory auction, compulsory security mortgage, compulsory administration) are carried out by the enforcement court (local court) responsible for the property at the request of the enforcement authority. Information on compulsory auction dates can be obtained from the local district court.

The list of assets is taken by the enforcement authority of the city of Hilden itself for debtors who live in Hilden. Only in a few exceptional cases or regularly in the case of debtors who do not live in Hilden, the competent bailiff is commissioned.

Official and enforcement assistance

Within the scope of its local jurisdiction, the enforcement department of the city of Hilden enforces the claims of other cities and municipalities in Germany against the movable assets of debtors in Hilden. This is done by way of administrative assistance on the basis of Article 35 of the Basic Law and §§ 4 - 8 of the NRW Administrative Procedure Act.

By law, the City of Hilden is the enforcement authority for the creditors in accordance with § 4 VO